Discover Your Path

Find the right program based on your interests using Guided Pathways. It is a tool to help you choose the right program, develop a plan, and stay on track with your learning. It gives you specific information about what courses you need, the order you need to take them, key milestones, and learning outcomes.
Guided Pathways Interest Areas
Explore classes and careers in areas that interest you
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Creative arts, Languages, Communications
Do you enjoy creative writing, art, and/or music? Do you prefer to be imaginative and develop your own original ideas? Do you like to learn new languages?
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Business and Entrepreneurship
Do you enjoy leading projects and teams of people? Are you interested in financial planning and/or money management? Do you want to start your own business?
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Social and Behavioral Sciences & Education
Do you enjoy learning about the intersection between people, culture, history and/or politics? Are you interested in studying human behavior?
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Advanced Transportation & Applied Technology
Do you like to work with your hands building, servicing and/or repairing things? Do prefer to work with tools, equipment, and machinery in industrial settings
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Health, Wellness, & Public Safety
Do you want to explore public service and help the community at large? Do you prefer to work in an environment with an ever-changing array of situations?
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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math
Do you like to solve problems and/or think analytically? Do you prefer to work with data, scientific innovation and new technology?

Getting To Miramar

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Transfer options

Miramar College can be your starting point for a four-year degree and beyond!