General Counseling

Mental Health Counseling is available in the Student Health Center & Their Canvas Shell

Counseling will be closed Monday 5/29/23 for the Memorial Day Holiday

Important Intersession/Spring 2023 Dates
  • Spring Primary Opening Day 1/30/23
  • Spring Withdrawal Deadline (Primary Session) 4/14/23

Important Summer 2023 Dates

  • Deadline for Priority Registration Appointments for Summer 4/14/23
  • Summer Schedule posted online 4/17/23
  • Summer Registration Appointments viewable on students MySDCCD account 4/20/23
  • Summer Registration beings 4/24/23
  • Summer High School student registration begins 4/27/23
  • Summer Open Registration begins 4/28/23
  • Summer drop for non-payment 6/4/23
  • First day of Summer 2023 classes 6/5/23
  • Summer Primary 8-week session Opening Day 6/20/23

Important Fall 2023 Dates

  • Deadline for Priority Registration Appointments for Fall 4/14/23
  • Fall Schedule posted online 4/17/23
  • Fall Registration Appointments emailed to students 4/21/23
  • Fall Registration Appointments viewable on students MySDCCD account 4/28/23
  • Fall Registration beings 5/1/23
  • Fall High School student registration begins 5/18/23
  • Fall Open Registration begins 5/22/23
  • Fall drop for non-payment 8/6/23
  • First day of Fall 2023 classes 8/21/23

Counseling Appointments and Services

Counseling staff is available to assist, and provide students with the following:

  • Counseling services available
  • Appointment troubleshooting
  • General information and status updates
  • Request for Transcript Evaluation assistance
  • Checking the status of Petitions
  • Checking the status of Incoming Transcripts
  • Technical Issues

**If you have a question for a counselor, please visit our Counseling Appointments and Other Ways to Contact a Counselor pages.

Academic & Career Pathways

Visit our Academic and Career Pathways page if you:

  • Need help picking a major?
  • Want to know more about jobs in your major?
  • Want to connect with departments and instructors within your major?
  • Want to know what programs, degrees and certificates are available?
  • Want to explore program and degree maps?


The Miramar College Counseling Department's mission is to provide counseling, instructional & student success programs that meet our students' needs. The department assists and supports all student from connection through completion, focusing on student success in an environment that supports and promotes diversity, equity, respect and inclusion.