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Counseling Office
Mon - Thu: 9:00am - 3:00pm
LImited in-person services
Fri: 8:00am - 3:00pm
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Mental Health Counseling is available in the Student Health Center & Their Canvas Shell

Due to the Omicron variant Counseling will be working Remotely until February 22, 2022. Same Day Drop-In Sessions, Quick Connect and Comprehensive Planning Appointments will be available, there will be no Front Counter or Phone services offered.


Mask Up

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, One-on-One Counseling Appointments will be held via Zoom until further notice.

Counseling Services


Same Day Drop-ins

  • Daily schedule available at 9:00am
  • Limited availability, check back daily
  • Abbreviated Education Plans (1 Semester)
  • Disqualification / Probation Advising
  • Financial Aid Referrals
  • Petition Inquiries
  • Quick Questions
  • Transfer Questions
  • VA Semester Worksheet Sign-off
  • Additional resources & referrals provided

Quick Connect

  • Live Cranium Cafe Sessions with Staff and Counselors for 15-20 minute Questions, Monday-Friday 10:00am-1:00pm
  • Abbreviated Education Plans (1 Semester)
  • Petition Inquiries
  • Petition status updates
  • Transcript Evaluation assistance
  • Transcript status updates
  • Technical Issues
  • Transfer Questions
  • Quick Questions

Counseling for New Students 

  • New students, please click the link above
  • One time 20-30 minute Zoom session with a Counselor
  • For first time college students
  • Discuss classes for first couple semesters
  • Click here for New-to-Miramar students w/Previous College Credit 

Prerequisites & Co-requisites


Comprehensive Education Planning

  • Appointments are limited during registration
  • After your 1st semester plan has been created
  • All official transcripts from previous colleges must be on file and EVALUATED
  • Online Appointments via Zoom
  • Based on your specific Major / Career
  • Know the classes you need & when to take them
  • Additional resources & referrals provided

Emailing the Front Desk

Counseling staff provides assistance with:

  • What Counseling services are available
  • General information and status updates
  • Appointment troubleshooting
  • Transcript Evaluation assistance
  • Petition status updates
  • Transcript status updates
  • Technical Issues


Counselor Connect Workshops

  • Zoom workshops run by counselors covering important topics
  • For help filling out transfer applications this Fall go to one of our Transfer Center Workshops 

Helpful Links

The Miramar College Counseling Department's mission is to provide counseling, instructional & student success programs that meet our students' needs. The department assists and supports all student from connection through completion, focusing on student success in an environment that supports and promotes diversity, equity, respect and inclusion.

Important Spring 2022 Dates

  • Class schedule on web 10/18/21
  • Application deadline for priority registration 10/22/21
  • Appointments Viewable in mySDCCD & emailed 10/27/21
  • Registration begins 11/4/21
  • Open registration for Spring & Intersession begins 12/6/21
  • Intersession Opening Day 1/4/22
  • Spring Primary Opening Day 1/31/22
  • Spring Withdrawal Deadline (Primary Session) 4/15/22

Our Raoul Teilhet Scholarship program has now awarded more than $2 million in student scholarships to date. CFT has helped 741 children or dependents of members reach their higher education goals through this prestigious benefit of union membership.

Scholarships of $3,000 are awarded to students entering or attending a four-year university; $1,000 scholarships are awarded to students entering or attending a two-year school. The Raoul Teilhet Scholarship program is now accepting applications from high school seniors with a deadline of December 15th.


Applying for a Raoul Teilhet Scholarship has never been easier with our online application portal. However, we want you to help spread the word! To that end, the CFT has produced two flyers to assist in promoting our program as well as those of the AFT and the AFL-CIO. 

Later this academic year we will begin accepting applications from continuing college students through June 15, 2022.

Transferring to a CSU Campus for Business in 2022?
Earning a Business Administration Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)?  

Read ON to learn how the NEW 2.0 Business ADT can help you!

If you are planning to transfer, there is a new version of the ADT in Business available for the Fall 2021: ADT Business 2.0. The ADT Business 2.0 is listed on the Fall 2022 CSU Application, and for certain schools, like CSU San Marcos, may provide greater admission priority to a wider range of majors! 


1.0 vs. 2.0 – What’s the Deal?

Q: How can earning the 2.0 ADT benefit you for your CSU San Marcos Application?

Q: What are the differences in course requirements between the current [1.0] and the 2.0 ADT?

Image removed.Image removed.A:

Current [1.0] Business ADT

NEW 2.0 Business ADT


Accepts 1.0 ADT for

Business - General - AND -

Business - Financial Services

SDSU: Accepts 2.0 Same as 1.0

Accepts 2.0 ADT for

Business - General - AND -

Business - Financial Services


Accepts 1.0 ADT ONLY for

Business - Supply Chain Management track


Accepts 2.0 ADT for



  • Other CSU’s: Use CalStateApply ADT to see how other CSU campuses accept the current [1.0] & 2.0 ADTs.

  • Private & Out-of-State: Speak directly with the university’s admissions office for their ADT acceptance policies.




Current [1.0] Business ADT Courses

2.0 Business ADT Courses

Buse 119

Buse 140

Buse 119

Buse 140

Acct 116A

Acct 116B

Acct 116A

Acct 116B

Econ 120

Econ 121

Econ 120

Econ 121

CISC 181

CISC 181 (CISC 181 is not required in the 2.0 ADT); however, most SDSU business majors require CISC 181; CSUSM does NOT require CISC 181, unless you list the 1.0 ADT on your CSUSM application.

Choose 1: Buse 115, Math 119, OR Math 121**

Choose 1: Math 121 or Math 150** - AND -


Choose 1: Buse 115 or Math 119**

**The current 1.0 ADT requires EITHER Calculus OR Statistics. However, most SDSU & CSUSM Business majors must complete both for transfer admission.

**The new 2.0 ADT requires BOTH Calculus AND Statistics, which many CSU’s require anyway. Students who will complete both statistics & calculus by the end of May 2022 are encouraged to earn the 2.0 ADT if applying to CSUSM AND ADD 2.0 ADT on their CalStateApply application! ^ 


NOTE: If using CSUGE, the 2.0 ADT requires the new Area F Ethnic Studies. If IGETC, no new GE requirement. #



* CSUSM Business tracks: Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Global Business, Management (specialties in Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, & Management in Organizations), Management Information Systems, Marketing, & Global Supply Chain Management


^ NOTE: CSUSM’s application deadline is extended to 12/15/2021! (SDSU’s deadline is 11/30/2021).


# NOTE: 2.0 ADTs using the CSUGE pattern must also add the new 2021-2022 Area F Ethnic Studies (Fili 100 or

Chic 110A or 110B). No such requirement is needed if following IGETC-CSU.


·         Work with a counselor at the college you plan to earn your degree for more information and to request to have the 2.0 ADT added to your ed plan, so that you may apply to graduate with the 2.0 ADT. 


The main questions to ask students are:

1.       Which CSU campuses are you applying to? (Hopefully, more than just SDSU).

2.       All CSUs will use the ADT Business 2.0 differently. Please see the CalStateApply ADT web site to see which CSU’s accept the 1.0 vs. the 2.0 Business ADT and for which emphases.

3.       If CSUSM, which emphasis will you apply to?

·         If Global Supply Chain Management, then 1.0 will work fine.

·         If ANY other business major, 2.0 is strongly encouraged, as students will have a higher degree of admission priority with the 2.0 ADT.

4.       Which GE pattern are you using with your Business ADT?

·         If CSUGE, student will have to use the new 2021-2022 CSUGE, which includes the new Area F-Ethnic Studies. So far, only Fili 100, Chic 110A and 110B satisfy this area. OR, students can switch to the IGETC-CSU pattern.

·         If IGETC-CSU, no new GE requirement – No need to take Area F.

·         Students can still switch their GE pattern.


Learn more: Miramar Counseling Center / Quick Connect drop-in 10am-1pm Mon-Fri / / 619.388.7840

B.Clark 11/19/21 Miramar Counseling