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Mental Health Counseling is available in the Student Health Center & Their Canvas Shell

There will be no Counselors available on Friday 9/30/22 due to a District Wide Counselor Conference


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Counseling Appointments and Services

New San Diego Community College Students:

Steps to get started:
  1. Apply online (if you haven't yet)
  2. Orientation (if not yet completed)
  3. Student Education Planning video or High School presentation 
  4. Complete our Intake Form
  5. Sign up for a New Student SEP Session

If you are new to our District but have been to another college please:

  1. Have copies/screenshots/PDFs of all your prior college transcripts available during your Counseling session, without them the session's academic counseling will be limited. This includes transcripts from previous colleges and test scores such as AP Scores.
  2. Go here to find out where to send your official transcripts and how to get them evaluated.
  • Students who will be in High School while enrolled in our classes please go to our District High School Students page for more information.
  • To clear prerequisites for classes you need to take before your Official Transcript(s) are evaluated please go to our Pre/Co-requisites page.

Quick Connect is a Cranium Cafe drop-in session for students to ask Staff or Counselors quick 10 minute questions. All you have to do is click on our link during the hours QC is open and a Staff member will greet you.

Quick Connect is available 10am to 3pm Monday through Thursday and Fridays from 10am to 12pm.

Join Quick Connect

Space is limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis. Once capacity is reached, the room will be closed.

There will be no Counselors available on Friday 9/30/22 due to a District Wide Counselor Conference, Quick Connect will be Staff Services only that day.

Quick Connect (Cranium) is best supported by Google Chrome and Computer preferred 

If using a Phone or Tablet please stay on the Cranium page or we will not be able to see you on the waitlist


Reasons for meeting a Counselor in Quick Connect can include:

  • Abbreviated Education Plans (1 Semester)
  • Petition Inquiries
  • Petition status updates
  • Transcript Evaluation assistance
  • Transcript status updates
  • Technical Issues
  • Transfer Questions
  • Quick Questions

Same day Drop-In Counseling sessions provide current students with the opportunity to meet with a counselor 1:1 via Zoom. These 20-30 minute sessions are available for the following services:

Same Day Drop-in Counseling Sessions will become available for sign up each morning beginning at 9:00 am Monday through Friday, and are only available for the same day. There are a limited number of daily sessions available and they may fill quickly. Must have a 10-Number SDCCD Student ID #.

For Drop-in Counseling, you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled in at least one Miramar class
  2. Application reflects that you are a prospective Miramar College student
  3. Are a prospective student who is interested in a major/program of interest available at Miramar College (Miramar Programs, Mesa Programs & City Programs)

Please go to our Same Day Drop-in webpage to sign up.

There will be no Counselors available on Friday 9/30/22 due to a District Wide Counselor Conference

Counseling appointments are available to students for more in-depth counseling sessions related to academic planning or to address complex questions or issues. Whether your goal is to earn an Associate's degree or transfer to a four year institution, our counselors are here to assist you in planning your path! 

Services Include:

  • Educational Planning
    • Career Planning
    • Transfer Advising
    • Veterans Educational Plans
  • Disqualification/Probation Advising  
    • Clearing Disqualification Holds



Please go to our Comprehensive Appointments webpage to sign up.

Important Fall 2022 Dates


  • Application deadline for priority registration 6/10/22
  • Class schedule on web 6/15/22
  • Appointments Viewable in mySDCCD & emailed 6/15/22
  • Registration begins 6/21/22
  • Open registration for Fall begins 7/13/22
  • Fall Primary Opening Day 8/22/22
  • Fall Withdrawal Deadline (Primary Session) 10/28/22

Important Intersession/Spring 2023 Dates

  • Application deadline for priority registration 10/20/22
  • Class schedule on web 10/17/22
  • Appointments Viewable in mySDCCD & emailed 10/27/22
  • Registration begins 11/7/22
  • Open registration for Intersession/Spring begins 12/7/22
  • Spring Primary Opening Day 1/30/23
  • Spring Withdrawal Deadline (Primary Session) 4/14/23

To Clear Prerequisites or Co-requisites

  • Please visit the Forms and Documents page, download & complete the Proof of Prerequisite formand upload the form with attached unofficial transcripts or supporting documentation. Requests will be processed in approximately 1-3 business days. Please watch the YouTube videos on that page for detailed instructions for submitting forms.
    • Supporting documentation to clear prerequisites may include: qualifying Advanced Placement (AP) Test Scores, College level courses, some high school credit, qualifying test scores: SAT, ACT, EAP, etc., and certain licenses and certifications.
    • Students who believe they have met a prerequisite at another institution are strongly advised to have all official transcripts of prior college work and other documentation on file well in advance of registration. This will minimize registration delays.
    • Students may not bring an unofficial copy of prior college transcripts to the counseling office for processing because the process is now completely online.

All prerequisites, co-requisites and limitations on enrollment as stated in the course descriptions of the college catalog will be strictly enforced at the time of a student's registration.

Steps for Requesting a Transcript Evaluation

Step 1: Submit Official Transcripts from all other institutions attended:
  • Submit all previous Transcripts, AP Scores, IB Scores, or CLEP scores to SDCCD

    • The San Diego Community College District is now partnered with Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse and are accepting official electronic transcripts from these providers.
    • Institutions not partnered with Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse can submit official electronic transcripts to the following email address: 
    • Institutions not offering electronic transcripts can mail them to the following address
      • San Diego Community College District
        Attn: Transcript Department
        3375 Camino Del Rio South, Room 100
        San Diego, CA 92108
    • Students are responsible for requesting official transcripts from each institution to be sent to SDCCD.
    • Transcripts from foreign institutions are not required.
    • Transcripts can only be accepted up to one year after issuance.

Confirmation of Receipt of Transcripts

  • To confirm that your transcripts have been received please contact
    • Please allow 2-4 weeks after submitting your transcripts before emailing.
  • If we have still not received your transcripts please submit a help desk ticket through the mySDCCD Support Desk.
Step 2: Request Transcript Evaluation:

Transcripts are not automatically evaluated. Transcript evaluations take 90 business days (approx 18 weeks) to process

  • About 1 week after your official transcripts have been submitted you can confirm their receipt by emailing If we do not see them as received you will need to submit a student help desk ticket through the mySDCCD Support Desk

  • Meet with a counselor. It is highly recommended that you meet with a counselor prior to submitting a request as any changes to your education plan will require this process to start over.  Visit the counseling page to learn about the various ways you can meet with a counselor. 

  • Visit our District's Forms & Documents page and scroll down to Counseling Forms. You will need to answer the question confirming that you've met with a counselor to reveal the Request for Transcript Evaluation (Online) form. 

    • Important UC-IGETC Information: If you are planning on clearing the Language Other Than English (LOTE) requirement using high school language classes please upload a copy of your high school transcript when you submit the Evaluation Request. If you skip this step it may cause delays in processing your certificate when you transfer. If you attended a school where English was not the primary language and wish to clear LOTE, please meet with a counselor to discuss that process.

    • Transcript Evaluations do not take place on college campuses. All evaluation requests are sent to the District from all of our campuses, San Diego Miramar, Mesa, and City College. 

  • After the evaluation is completed (90 business days/18 weeks) you will receive an email from the evaluator prompting you to follow up with a counselor to update your education plan.

    • If you need to clear prerequisites prior to the evaluation being completed please see this page

Foreign Transcripts

  • Transcripts from foreign institutions may be used to meet degree/certificate requirements. It is the choice of the student to request to have this coursework evaluated. It is recommended to speak with a counselor to discuss options.
  • If a student would like to submit their foreign transcripts, they must first have them evaluated by a Transcript Evaluation Service. For a list of approved services please visit
  • Student must request a comprehensive evaluation including both lower and upper-division coursework of the foreign transcript. Other types of evaluations will not be accepted. Even if the transcript is in English, if it is foreign, it must go through this process.
  • After the comprehensive evaluation is complete, students must submit it to the campus records office along with a Request for Foreign Transcript Credits so that the coursework can be evaluated for a student's educational goal.
  • Submission of transcripts is permanent and cannot be revoked.

Visit our Academic and Career Pathways page if you:

  • Need help picking a major?
  • Want to know more about jobs in your major?
  • Want to connect with departments and instructors within your major?
  • Want to know what programs, degrees and certificates are available?
  • Want to explore program and degree maps?

Counseling staff is available to assist, and provide students with the following:

  • Counseling services available
  • Appointment troubleshooting
  • General information and status updates
  • Request for Transcript Evaluation assistance
  • Checking the status of Petitions
  • Checking the status of Incoming Transcripts
  • Technical Issues

**If you have a question for a counselor, please see our complete list of services.

All students accessing online/remote counseling services must carefully read and agree to the INFORMED CONSENT Terms & Conditions before sending an email.

Always Include: Full Name, Student ID#, Specific Reason for contact.

Send an email with ALL required information to allow 2-4 business days for a reply. The more information you provide in your initial email, the more efficient the process will be.

The staff will be available to answer emails during our regular office hours: Monday through Thursday: 8am-6pm, and Friday: 8am-3pm.  

  • Zoom workshops run by counselors covering important topics
  • For information on transferring and help filling out transfer applications go to one of our Transfer Center Workshops 


There are no Workshops currently available 


All students accessing online/remote counseling services must carefully read and agree to the INFORMED CONSENT Terms & Conditions before joining a Counselor Connect Workshop.

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The Miramar College Counseling Department's mission is to provide counseling, instructional & student success programs that meet our students' needs. The department assists and supports all student from connection through completion, focusing on student success in an environment that supports and promotes diversity, equity, respect and inclusion.