Counseling FAQ

What kinds of degrees can I get at San Diego Miramar College?
  • Associate of Arts Degree/Associate of Arts for Transfer Degree
  • Associate of Sciences Degree/Associate of Science for Transfer Degree
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Performance
How can I transfer from San Diego Miramar College to a 4-year college?

San Diego Miramar College transfer courses are the equivalent to the CSU's and UC's freshman and sophomore classes, as well as those of many private and out-of-state colleges and universities. If you follow the recommended transfer program, SDCCD can certify your completion of lower division general education requirements. Please meet with counselors at the Counseling Office or the Transfer Center to get the most recent information on transferring.


How do I know if my Transcripts are in or evaluated?

You can contact the Counseling Office in person, over the phone (619-388-7840) or through email ( to find out if your transcripts have been received, if they are evaluated or if you need to fill out a Transcript Evaluation Request Form. For information about turning in the Request for Transcript Evaluation form please go to our Transcripts page.


Are there certain classes in which I cannot enroll?

There are required prerequisites for some classes. A prerequisite is a previous background or course completion that is required before entry into another class. You must have completed this requirement at a SDCCD campus or submit proof of meeting the prerequisite elsewhere, in order to register for the class.

There are also special admit programs within the San Diego Community College District which require a special admission process. See campus specific requirements in college catalog.

When are classes offered?

SDCCD offers 16 week semesters in the Fall and Spring. SDCCD offers condensed courses in the Summer semester (contingent upon budget).  During the month of January SDCCD offers a 4 week Intersession. In addition, some courses are offered for short-term sessions during the Fall and Spring semesters.

What does it mean to be "Waitlisted" for a course?

If a class is full, you will have to place yourself on a waitlist. If the waitlist does not open up by the time the course begins, you must attend the first class meeting and let the instructor know you are on the waitlist. The same waitlist policy applies to online courses.

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat in any course. It will be up to the instructor to assign a permission code if available.

How can I make an Appointment?
Appointments can be scheduled via our Scheduling Appointments Online page. The criteria to make an appointment can be viewed at Counseling Appointment Information.


Drop-In vs 1 Hour Appointment
  • Drop-ins are 15-20 minuet meetings for quick questions, petitions, signatures, semester planning and prerequisites. 
  • 1 Hour Appointments are for long term education planning- major changes and transfer planning.