Counseling FAQ


Counseling Services

How do I meet with a Counselor?
  • For Quick Questions you can call our office (619-388-7840) or ask at our front counter (K1-203).
  • For 10 minute questions you can log in to our Quick Connect Sessions. They occur Monday through Thursday between 10am and 3pm and Fridays between 10am and 12pm.
  • You can sign up for a Same Day Drop-in which is a 20-30min Zoom meeting with a Counselor. Sign up for them starts each weekday morning at 9am and they have been filling up for the day within 1/2 hour or so of them opening.
  • You can sign up for a 1 hour Comprehensive Appointment if you have a strong idea of your major and goal. Appointments open to sign up for at 8am each weekday for two weeks in advance (ex. on a Tuesday all of the Tuesday after next appointments will open up), they usually fill up within the hour of them opening.
  • First time college students can sign up for a New Student SEP Session.


How do I meet with a Mental Health Counselor?


How do I meet with a Special Programs Counselor?
  • Our Disability Support, Programs and Services (DSPS) Counselors are in Student Services K1-204 and the office can be called at 619-388-7312
  • Our EOPS/Calworks/CARE/Nextup Counselors are in Student Services K1-305 and the office can be called at 619-388-7869
  • Our Dreamers Support Counselors are in Student Services K1-304 and the office can be called at 619-388-7970
  • Our Promise Program Counselors are in the Welcome Center K2-101 and the office can be called at 619-388-7357
  • Our Transfer Center Counselors are in Student Services K1-306 and the office can be called at 619-388-7380
  • Our Career Center Counselors are in Student Services K1-308 and the office can be called at 619-388-7335


Registration Questions

How do I find my registration date?

Your registration date can be found on the main page of your College Student Dashboard on your MySDCCD Portal account. You will receive an email letting you know when it is available to view and can use the how-to guide for help. 

You can register on or after your registration date and time.


Are there certain classes in which I cannot enroll?

There are required prerequisites for some classes. A prerequisite is a previous background or course completion that is required before entry into another class. You must have completed this requirement at a SDCCD campus or submit proof of meeting the prerequisite elsewhere, in order to register for the class.

There are also special admit programs within the San Diego Community College District which require a special admission process. See campus specific requirements in college catalog.


How do I view the plan the Counselor made for me?

You can view your semester-by-semester plan that the Counselor made for you on your MySDCCD Portal under the My Classes section. You can view our how-to guide for instructions.  


How do I clear Prerequisites and Co-requisites?

To clear prerequisites please fill out a Proof of Prerequisite form and turn it in with the unofficial transcript/AP score that shows the completed prerequisite/co-requisite online at the Forms and Documents webpage.


When are classes offered?

SDCCD offers 16 week semesters in the Fall and Spring. SDCCD offers condensed courses in the Summer semester (contingent upon budget).  During the month of January SDCCD offers a 4 week Intersession. In addition, some courses are offered for short-term sessions during the Fall and Spring semesters.


How do I register for classes?
You register for classes on your MySDCCD Portal account. You can view a how-to guide or how-to video for registration instructions.
How do I drop/withdraw from classes?
You drop/withdraw from classes on your MySDCCD Portal account. You can view a how-to guide or how-to video for instructions.
What does it mean to be "Waitlisted" for a course?

For how to add yourself to the waitlist of a class please view our how-to guide or our how-to video.

If a class is full, you will have to place yourself on a waitlist. If the waitlist does not open up by the time the course begins, you must attend the first class meeting and let the instructor know you are on the waitlist. The same waitlist policy applies to online courses, though instead of going to the first class you email the professor on the first day of class.

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat in any course. It will be up to the instructor to assign a permission code if available.

How do I get a Permission Number?

For classes that have already started you need a Permission Number to be able to enroll. Only the professors can give out Permission Numbers (aka Add Codes).

You can go to an in person class and ask the professor for the permission number or you can email the professor if you missed the class or it is an online class.

Professor’s emails can be found on the campus directories of the campus the class is at or through the public class schedule. If you left click on the professor’s name your email should open with a new email for that professor or you can right click on the professor’s name and copy their email.

Click Here for a link to a how-to page for adding a class once you receive the Permission Number (aka Add Code)

If you are currently on the wait list for the class or have it in your shopping cart you do need to drop the wait listed class then go back to add the class again to be able to use your Permission Number and add the class. Click Here for a how-to page.


Transcript and Petitions Questions

How do I know if my Transcripts are in or evaluated?

You can contact the Counseling Office in person, over the phone (619-388-7840) or through email ( to find out if your transcripts have been received, if they are evaluated or if you need to fill out a Transcript Evaluation Request Form. For information about turning in the Request for Transcript Evaluation form please go to our Transcripts page.

If the Counseling Office cannot find your transcripts that you ordered more than 2 weeks prior you can fill out a Help Desk ticket to have the District Office look for it.

Start by going to the MySDCCD Support page, then click on Help Desk, then click on Student Support Desk. Click on Student Help, then General Student Help and fill out the form. Make sure to choose "City, Mesa, Miramar College" and choose "Have you received my transcript(s)?" under the Student Help topic drop down. Please attach any documentation you have of the transcript being ordered/sent.


How can I transfer from San Diego Miramar College to a 4-year college?

San Diego Miramar College transfer courses are the equivalent to the CSU's and UC's freshman and sophomore classes, as well as those of many private and out-of-state colleges and universities. If you follow the recommended transfer program, SDCCD can certify your completion of lower division general education requirements. Please meet with counselors at the Counseling Office or the Transfer Center to get the most recent information on transferring.


Where do I turn in Petitions?

Petitions are turned in online on our Forms and Documents page. Once on the page you click on the appropriate Submit Form Online button and a new page opens for you to fill out and add any supporting documentation.


How do I request a General Education Certification to be sent to the College I am transferring to?

To have your Certification sent to the college you are transferring to go to the Submit Evaluations Forms and fill out the online form. Choose Request for General Education Certification under the Form/Petition drop down.


What Petitions do I need to meet with a Counselor about before I turn them in?
  • Academic Renewal with Course Repetition
  • Academic Renewal without Course Repetition
  • Major Electives
  • Modification of Graduation Requirements
  • Petition for Appeal of Enrollment Priority and/or Loss of CCPG

  • Unit Override 


General Questions

What kinds of degrees can I get at San Diego Miramar College?
  • Associate of Arts Degree/Associate of Arts for Transfer Degree
  • Associate of Sciences Degree/Associate of Science for Transfer Degree
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Performance
How do I apply for Graduation?

To apply for a Certificate of Performance you will need to go to the Forms and Documents webpage and fill out the Request for Certificate of Performance. Then turn in the request using the Submit Forms Online button.

All students must Apply to Graduate with an Associates Degree or Certificate of Achievement through their mySDCCD Portal. Students' degrees/certificates will be listed under the Apply to Graduate Tab. If you do not see the correct degree/certificate, you should meet with a counselor in order to make sure you have the proper Education Plan in place.

Counselors cannot Apply to Graduate on behalf of a student, they can only guide students and ensure Ed Plans are in place.

  1. Log into your mySDCCD Portal
  2. Click Apply to Graduate in the My Success Path widget or under the My Academics Tab
  3. Check to see that your degree/certificate is listed. You can apply for multiple degrees/certificates at one time but you do not have to.
  4. Click Apply to Graduate
  5. Complete the information and re-check thoroughly to make sure you have requested the correct dates.
  6. After submitting your application, be sure to note the timeline and dates for processing as well as how to register for the Commencement Ceremony 

For more information you can view the Graduation Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions about Graduation webpages.