New Students Start Here!

New San Diego Community College Students:

Steps to get started:
  1. Apply online (if you haven't yet)
  2. Orientation (if not yet completed)
  3. Complete our Intake Form
  4. Sign up for a New Student SEP Session

If you are new to our District but have been to another college please:

  1. Have copies/screenshots/PDFs of all your prior college transcripts available during your Counseling session, without them the session's academic counseling will be limited. This includes transcripts from previous colleges and test scores such as AP Scores.
  2. Go here to find out where to send your official transcripts and how to get them evaluated.
  • Students who will be in High School while enrolled in our classes please go to our District High School Students page for more information.
  • To clear prerequisites for classes you need to take before your Official Transcript(s) are evaluated please go to our Pre/Co-requisites page.
  • If you need a specific accommodation please provide advanced notice by calling 619-388-7840.