Leading Equity, Anti-Racism and Diversity

San Diego Miramar College Equity Definition

Equity is the framework and practice in which historically marginalized and minoritized populations (based on race, economic class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and/or disproportionately impacted) are provided the resources, opportunities, and education to achieve success – from access through completion.  Equity addresses systemic inequalities through the implementation of evidence-based policies, programs, procedures, and legislation that inform strategic and intentional resource allocation, support structures, and opportunities in order to ameliorate the impacts from past and current inequalities.

The College is currently developing the 2022 - 2025 Student Equity Plan to address disproportionate impact (DI) for the student groups listed above. We invite the campus to review the Student Equity Plan webpage for additional information including the drafts, timelines, and informational resources.

San Diego Miramar College and LEAD recognize that systemic and institutional racism is real and has long impacted marginalized and minoritized groups. San Diego Miramar College’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion affirms that everyone in the college community, through their roles and responsibilities, will implement the College’s diversity initiatives and maintain a climate of respect, civility, anti-racism, and inclusion as part of our institution’s commitment to educational excellence.




San Diego Miramar College is a majority minority institution with a growing Latinx and Middle Eastern North African (MENA) student population. Like most community colleges, our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. LEAD understands that the multiplicity of lived experiences, students' intersecting identities and the campus culture impact the success of our students.


San Diego Miramar College's mission is to prepare students to succeed by providing quality instruction and services in an environment that supports and promotes success, diversity, inclusion, and equity with innovative programs and partnerships to facilitate student completion for degrees/certificates, transfer, workforce training, and/or career advancement.

Miramar has also added Strategic Goal #5 dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

Strategic Goal 5
Strategic Goal 5's Directions


We understand that everyone is at different stages in their equity journey, with some just starting and others continuing their learning. As educators, we recognize that there is always something more to learn, particularly in DEI work. We encourage you to use the resources below- wherever you might be on your equity walk. 

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office has developed a comprehensive glossary of terms for frequently used terms surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism work in higher education. The CCCCO DEI Glossary should be used to facilitate a shared understanding of our equity work as a college. 

Additionally the CCCCO Vision Resource Center provides modules specific to our system including Equity, Guided Pathways, AB 705, Vision for Success and supporting our students. The San Diego Community College District has integrated with the VRC through its own portal SDCCD Professional Learning Hub

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