2022 - 2025 Student Equity Plan

The College has developed and approved our 2022 - 2025 Student Equity Plan to address disproportionate impact (DI) for the student groups listed in the image below. We invite the campus to review our plan and develop action steps to address the goals we've committed to as a campus.

For more detailed information on the disproportionate impact data above, please visit the Student Equity Plan Data Dashboard. The 2019-2022 Student Equity Plan Executive Summary provides information on the previous Equity Plan. For more specific department and course-level equity data please visit the Program Review Equity Data Dashboard (PREDD).

In developing the 2022-2025 Student Equity Plan, Miramar College utilized the Conceptual Framework for Advancing Equity developed by the Research and Planning Group.  To learn more, visit the RP Group Conceptual Framework webpage.  

Graphic of Student Equity Plan Gaps