Miramar College Privacy Statement

This statement covers the San Diego Miramar College (Institution) website under the sdmiramar.edu and all child domains. It does not cover other institutions in the San Diego Community College District, nor the District itself.

Information We Gather

The Website may gather information you voluntarily provide on various forms, including name and email address, but excluding social security, credit card or driver’s license numbers. We may also gather such information typically related to Internet and Web traffic, such as IP address, cookies, and browser information. Other information may be gathered through various social media if you "like" us, "friend" us or otherwise add us or connect us to other accounts you own.

Information We Share

The Institution will not share personal information such as name, email or address with outside parties. Non-personal information such as web/traffic data, including IP address, cookies, and browser information may be shared from time to time with third parties hired to operate on behalf of the Institution for marketing and/or research purposes.

The website currently uses Google Analytics, and may add/remove various third-party web tracking code as needed to support the business of the institution.


The institution takes commercially reasonable precautions to secure information of a "non-sensitive" nature (e.g., we do not collect or store credit cards or social security numbers).


Links to outside sites may be made available at the discretion of the institution, including various social media sites. We are not responsible for the security or privacy policy of such other sites.


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The website uses cookies to support various functions and to provide a better user experience.