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Tuesday -Thursday 9am to 3pm there will be counter services available at the Transfer Center.

Services include:

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Scheduling virtual Appointments and Workshops

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Welcome to the Transfer Center!

The San Diego Miramar College Transfer Center serves as a focal point of transfer activities and up-to-date transfer information and requirements for our campus. We encourage students to become experts of their own transfer path (s) by providing information, resources, and learning opportunities through transfer related activities. We empower students to become well informed early on about what it takes to transfer from San Diego Miramar College to a 4-year university be it in California or out-of-state. 

Transfer Center Services

Students are advised to plan transfer pathways as early as possible and enroll in transferable courses in both general education (IGETC GE or CSU GE) and in courses that prepare students for specific university majors. Questions related to transfer programs should be discussed with a counselor. Please make sure to meet with our general counseling first to have your educational plan on file and transcripts from other colleges submitted and evaluated if applicable.

Available resources in the Transfer Center:

  • Guidance in researching and selecting a transfer institution (s)
  • University admissions representative appointments
  • Crucial transfer focused workshops
  • Transfer Admission Guarantees
  • Library of university catalogs and publications
  • Assistance with cross enrollment
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Application assistance (UC, CSU, Common App, and more)
  • Final Year Transfer Checklist review
  • Assistance with appeals when denied
  • Assistance with unique and complex transfer questions
  • University field trips
  • Transfer Fairs

Transfer Center Staff/Transfer Champions:

  • Edwin McLemore, Full-time Transfer Center Assistant
  • Annette Ignacio, Part-Time Transfer Center Counselor
  • Sandy Gonzalez, Part-Time Transfer Center Counselor

Transfer Center - CANVAS SHELL:

JOIN OUR TRANSFER CENTER CANVAS SHELL TODAY!!! This is not adding a class/course to your transcript! Just so we can share information with you in a timely manner. As well as important announcements, workshop content, application guides, etc. Click on this link to add us to your canvas dashboard: 


Check out Department Pages specifically our: Transfer Workshops & Events to see dates for workshops, university representative visits, transfer related flyers, etc.