What is articulation?

Articulation is the process of developing a formal written agreement that identifies courses (or sequences of courses) at a “sending” campus (i.e. San Diego Miramar College) that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, specific course requirements at a “receiving” campus (e.g. UC, CSU or private university). Articulation agreements are designed to reduce the loss of credit or repetition of coursework from one institution to another, and assure that students have the proper instruction and academic preparation to be successful upon transfer to the university. 


How does articulation help students?

Articulation is a formalized planning tool that helps clarify the transfer path to a student's preferred university.  Each university and major has a different set of requirements, including specific courses students should complete prior to transfer. Many San Diego Miramar College courses have articulation agreements with various regionally accredited public and private universities, allowing students to develop a well-defined educational map/plan for entering and staying on the path to achieving their transfer and completion goals. 



Where can I find articulation agreements?

The official repository for articulation agreements between California Community Colleges and California’s public universities can be found on .




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For questions regarding specific articulation agreements or to request an official course outline of record (COR), please contact Miramar's Articulation Officer, Mara Sanft, at .




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Useful Links and Resource Documents





Private/independent/out-of-state minimum transfer requirements can be found on the California Community Colleges (CCC) Transfer Website.  The list below represents some of the institutions in which Miramar has agreements. 




Other Transfer Information

The links below are transfer guides that are provided directly by the universities below or the CCC Transfer website. Please note that these are not articulation agreements and have not been reviewed or approved by the San Diego Miramar College Articulation Office.