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Appealing Admissions Decisions:

Denied admission to a UC or CSU? Learn about the appeals process and if you are eligible to submit an appeal request and what paperwork, supporting documents you'll need for such.


Business/Certified Public Accounting (CPA) License:

Requirements for business majors and CPA licensure are reviewed in this workshop: business pathways at CSU, UC, and private universities, SDSU business pathways (Associate Degree for Transfer-ADT vs general pathway), general education, major preparation, CSU San Marcos priority admissions categories, application/deadlines, CPA exam and licensing requirements, etc.


Child Development:

Requirements for child development majors are reviewed in this workshop: general education, major preparation, child development options within the CSU system, SDSU Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), private university options, cross enrollment, application process/deadlines, etc.


CSU/Associate Degree for Transfer:

Requirements for transferring to a CSU (e.g. SDSU) are reviewed in this workshop: overview of CSU system, CSU major search, general education, major preparation, required transferable units Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), SDSU Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), SDSU minimum GPA requirements, CSU San Marcos priority admission categories, golden four, cross enrollment, application process, etc.


CSU & UC Application Workshops:

These workshops go over completing the application correctly. We discuss what coursework to enter, AP/IB credit, military credit, repeated courses, academic renewals, ADT or general transfer route, learn about personal insight questions (UC requirement), etc. Transfer Success requires attention to details and knowing how to properly complete these applications. Failure to complete application correctly can lead to denials.



Final Year Checklist:

Requirements for the final year before transfer are reviewed in this workshop: overview of application process, application and supplemental deadlines, transcript requirements, university student portals, etc. This is for students applying to the four-year university in the fall semester, and transferring to the four-year university the following fall semester.


Historically Black College & Universities:

Learn about guaranteed admission into HBCU's who have partnered with California Community Colleges.


UC Transfer Basics:

Requirements for transferring to a UC (e.g. UCSD) are reviewed in this workshop: overview of UC system, UC majors search, general education, major preparation, required transferable units, Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG), UCSD U-Link, UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), Transfer Academic Planner (TAP), cross enrollment, application process, Blue and Gold Program, etc. 


UC Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG):

Requirements for transferring to a UC with guaranteed admission are reviewed in this workshop: review of UC TAG matrix requirements, UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) requirements, submission deadlines, etc.


UC TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) Application:

Learn how to complete your transfer admission guarantee application into your chosen UC Transfer Admission Guarantee campus (Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz). This application is completed on your UC TAP (Transfer Admission Planner). Learn if you meet requirements, how to complete this application correctly, key dates and next steps.


UC TAP (Transfer Admission Planner): 

Learn how to complete your UC TAP account. This account houses the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (for Fall 2022 it would need to be completed September 1-30, 2021), you can enter all your coursework completed thus far, courses in progress or planned, can see your transferable GPA and units completed to date. Having a UC TAP account created prior to the UC Application is advantageous because it feeds into the UC Application and saves you time! Having this UC TAP also allows for advising from UC admission representatives, you'll get advertising emails from the UCs you are interested in and can catch red flags prior to the UC application.


Medical Schools Workshop:

Requirements for medical school are reviewed in this workshop; prerequisite coursework, accredited school in California, application process, MCAT, school interviews, personal statements, volunteer opportunities, resources, etc. 



Nursing Workshop:

Requirements for community college, CSU, UC, and private university nursing programs are reviewed in this workshop: nursing degree pathways, multi-criteria point system, prerequisite coursework, TEAS prep courses and exam, NCLEX exam and school pass rates, certified nursing assistant (CNA) programs, RN-BSN programs, resources, etc.


Fall 2022 Applicants: CSU/UC Application Update & SDSU, CSU Long Beach Supplemental Applications (January 2022):

Learn how to update your CSU and UC Application with Fall grades and update your Spring coursework. Learn how to complete SDSU's and CSULB's supplemental application correctly. These supplemental applications are key for how SDSU and CSULB decides if you will be admitted or not. You will have to enter your current overall transferable GPA, select your golden four courses, select completed or in progress prep for major, make sure that ADT shows if you applied that route, make sure all colleges attended show and enter units completed at all campuses of attendance.