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Transcripts are the official document of the student's academic work at a college or university.

The San Diego Community College District only accepts credits from US Colleges and Universities that have Regional Accreditation.  For more information on accreditation and to search for a college's or universities' accreditation, visit the US Department of Education.    

Submitting Transcripts While Campus is Closed

Send Electronic Transcripts to:                                      Send Physical Transcripts to:

                                                  San Diego Community College District

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Requesting Transcripts from SDCCD

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               All coursework completed at San Diego City, Mesa, or Miramar College is included on one transcript. There is no need to request a transcript from each (City, Mesa, Miramar) college. The first two transcripts issued are free of charge. Thereafter, transcripts cost $5.00 each. Transcripts are not printed at the campus level. You cannot pick up official transcripts from Miramar College. 

For Continuing Education students, please click here or visit:

For Unofficial Transcripts:

Official transcripts can be ordered online

Students can order transcripts through our transcript partner Credentials (credit or debit cards only):

  • Current students may be order transcripts through mySDCCD
  • Former students of San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar Colleges, or those who do not have a mySDCCD account, may order directly through Credentials by clicking on this link.
  • Transcripts ordered online will be mailed in 1-2 business days. 
  • If the receiving institution accepts electronic transcripts, the transcript will be sent electronically the same day.
  • You can upload any supplemental forms required by the receiving institution through credentials. Students do not need to come to campus to have paperwork attached.

NOTE: Transcripts sent from our college to another institution are considered to be official. Transcripts presented by a student are considered to be unofficial unless sealed and noted to be official on the outside of the envelope.

Click here for information regarding transcripts from previous colleges/universities attended.

Questions? You may send an email to

What does it mean where there is a red asterisk/star (*) next to a grade?

  • This means that the grade and the units for this class have been disregarded and are no longer included in your cumulative GPA or total unit count, this is generally done via Academic Renewal, see Counseling for questions regarding this process.

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Transcripts from other Institutions Attended

  • Students should submit official transcripts from all Colleges and Universities attended.  
  • In order to have a counseling appointment to develop an educational plan, all transcripts must be on file and evaluated (See Requesting Transcript Evaluation below).
  • Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits must also have transcripts on file to receive benefits.
  • Transcripts are required even if prior credits do not appear relevant or if units were taken years ago.
  • Official transcripts from other institutions become the property of the college and will not be duplicated or returned.
  • Guam and Puerto Rico are US territories and transcripts from institutions in these territories are not considered "foreign" and should be submitted. For information on foreign transcripts, please see below.

Confirmation of Receipt of Transcripts

  • To confirm that your transcripts have been received please contact

Requesting Transcript Evaluation

The process of transcript evaluation is not automatic. When transcripts are received, they are only reviewed for English and Math in order to clear pre-requisites. In order to have a transcript officially evaluated please follow the steps below.

Important notes before beginning this process:

Transcript Evaluations are currently estimated to take up to 90 Business Days or 18 Weeks depending on the district workload. This means an evaluation request should be submitted within the first semester to ensure an accurate education plan, financial aid, and timely graduation.

Transcript Evaluations DO NOT take place on college campuses. All evaluation requests are sent to the District from all of our campuses, San Diego Miramar, Mesa, and City College. The earlier you begin the process, the higher your name will be in the queue.

It is highly recommended that students speak with counseling prior to submitting a request for evaluation as any changes that need to be made to an Education Pattern will require that the process begin again (

Transcript Evaluation Process

  1. Submit all transcripts from previous institutes and or AP Scores (See below for detailed AP information). From when they are sent to when they are posted as "received" in our system is about 30 days
  2. Confirm that the district has posted the transcript as "received" by emailing (Any submissions prior to confirmation will be canceled)
  3. Once confirmed, visit the Online Submission Page. After reading the directions on completing a form with Adobe, scroll to Counseling/Evaluation/Graduation Forms and respond to the prompt  
    1.     Image of the transcript Evaluation Form
  4. Click on the Request for Transcript Evaluation (Online) link.
  5. Fill out the form and be sure to use a valid email address as all correspondence regarding the submission will be sent to the email provided here.
  6. Along with the request form, please attach the unofficial copies of the transcripts that you are having evaluated (this will help the district evaluators process your request faster when it comes up in the queue.
  7. IGETC ONLY: If clearing Language other than English (LOTE) with high school language classes, please submit a copy of an unofficial high school transcript as well and comment "HS LOTE" in the comment section.
  8. Submit the form and wait for any email updates as it goes through the process.

Requesting AP Evaluation

The process for requesting AP scores is similar to the above steps with some key differences due to remote processing. 

  1. If you have not previously sent your AP scores, order your official AP scores to be sent from CollegeBoard to San Diego Miramar College (by mail). Save a clip or screenshot of the order confirmation as well as an unofficial copy of your AP scores from the CollegeBoard website. You will need to submit these along with the Transcript Evaluation Form.
    1. If you think you may have submitted them previously, email for confirmation.
  2. Follow steps 3-10 listed above. For step 8. Be sure to submit the following:
    1. Unofficial AP Scores
    2. Proof that you ordered your Official AP scores (Skip if you have verified receipt with counseling or evaluations)
    3. Transcript Evaluation Form
    4. (UC-IGETC Only) If clearing Language other than English (LOTE) with high school language classes, please submit a copy of an unofficial high school transcript as well and comment "HS LOTE" in the comment section.

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Waiving Transcripts

In certain instances, transcripts may be waived for the purposes of obtaining a Certificate of Achievement. Transcripts can only be waived when:

  • All coursework for the Certificate of Achievement has been taken within the San Diego Community College District and/or with other institutions for which transcripts are already on file.
  • Student has completed all coursework or is pending completion of the coursework in the current semester.

To waive transcripts, students must complete a General Student Petition in the Admissions and Records Office.

Foreign Transcripts

  • Transcripts from foreign institutions may be used to meet degree/certificate requirements. It is the choice of the student to request to have this coursework evaluated. It is recommended to speak with a counselor to discuss options.
  • If a student would like to submit their foreign transcripts, they must first have them evaluated by a Transcript Evaluation Service. For a list of approved services please visit
  • Student must request a comprehensive evaluation including both lower and upper-division coursework of the foreign transcript. Other types of evaluations will not be accepted. Even if the transcript is in English, if it is foreign, it must go through this process.
  • After the comprehensive evaluation is complete, students must submit it to the campus records office along with a Request for Foreign Transcript Credits so that the coursework can be evaluated for a student's educational goal.
  • Submission of transcripts is permanent and cannot be revoked.

For information regarding foreign HIGH SCHOOL transcripts for the purpose of meeting the UC IGETC Certification foreign language requirement, please see the General Education section.

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