NextUp (Foster Youth Program)


What is NextUp

Miramar College’s NextUp program provides wrap-around services to current and former foster youth students to promote their educational/career goals and holistic well-being.  


For more information contact: Vanessa Montano at or contact EOPS at 619-388-7869


NextUp Support Services


Semester grants (extra $$) Transportation Assistance 
  • Gas Cards 
  • Bus Passes
Work-study ($$ to work on campus) Food Assistance 
  • Monthly Grocery Cards
  • Meal Cards
Book Account and School Supply Account ($$ for books/supplies) Emergency grants (one-time funding)
Invitation to Events/Workshops/Activities Assistance with Financial Aid Applications & Scholarships!
Access to our Personal Counselor  Personal Tutoring

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a current or former foster youth whose dependency or wardship was established or continued by the court on, or after the youth’s 13th birthday. (depedency ward/of the court letter may be required) 

  • Be under 26 at the beginning of the academic year

  • Be enrolled in at least nine 1 units with plans to add 9 units for subsequent semesters (6 units if DSPS eligible). 

  • Have your financial aid established at Miramar College

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