Business and Entrepreneurship

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Studying business teaches you how to create, manage, and work in all kinds of organizations - from small startups to multinational companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. You'll learn valuable critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills applicable to all jobs, plus get to specialize in a field matching your own interests and abilities. Since organizations produce goods and services in every corner of the globe, you can take your business skills just about anywhere you want.

Explore Programs

Explore the list of programs below. Click the links to visit department webpages and gather insight into what this department is about, including meet the professors, learn about career opportunities and start to build connections.

Degrees & Certificates

Here at Miramar College we have many programs to help you achieve your goal. Choosing the right path is so important, which is why we encourage you to meet with a counselor.

You can also check the degree and transfer maps for different programs. These maps will show you which courses to take, semester by semester, so you can work efficiently to reach your goal – whether it’s earning a degree or certificate, or transferring to a university in your major. Don't forget to meet with a counselor to confirm that this map will help you with your specific goal!

Get Involved

The Business & Entrepreneurship ACP will offer workshops, events and other activities that are keyed to your major and related subjects. You'll find information about all of this and more in your CALC canvas shell.

Plan Your Schedule

Use the Program Mapper so you can plan when to take the courses you need. Visit the Program Mapper for details.  Please remember to bring a copy of your plan to your counseling appointment so a counselor can help tailor the schedule to your transfer institution.