Milestones to Graduation

This page contains many important steps you should take in your college career, organized as a series of sequential steps. If you are just starting on your college pathway, please simply start with the “First Semester” items. If you are already partway along your path, it may be a good idea to review earlier steps to see if you missed anything, then follow along with the steps presented according to your current progress.

Miramar graduates

Before You Start

Connect with Miramar, professors, and campus events

Complete Orientation

Take a campus tour (On Campus or Virtual)

Sign up to complete your New Student Education Plan Session (30 minute appointment)

Clear prerequisites through Counseling if needed (Need unofficial copy of transcripts) 

Submit all outside transcripts (previous college, standardized test, VA DD-214, etc)

Prepare yourself for a strong start

Apply for Financial Aid

Learn how to navigate through Canvas and MySDCCD

Register for classes on the designated appointment day and time

Enroll in college level math course in you first or second semester

Enroll in college English course in you first or second semester

Explore enrolling in a personal growth course in your first semester



First Semester

Research majors and minors and make the choice that is right for you

Declare a major

  • Don't know? View the Career Exploration modules to help you select your Major

Review the Program Mapper for your major

Join your Academic and Career Program (ACP) based on your major

Secure Financial and Basic Need Support

Apply for scholarships

Check out Basic Needs Center on campus

Choose YOU! Check out the Mental Health and Wellness resources on campus


Second Semester

Develop a network of supportive peers, professors, and mentors

Visit your professors during Office Hours

Form study groups

Join student clubs and organizations

Use advising and academic support to complete your credits with a good GPA

Set an appointment with Counseling to create a Comprehensive Educational Plan (60 minutes)

Review the Student Support Hub in Canvas

Identify the appropriate services that will help you in your classes

If your goal is to transfer- visit the Transfer Center to investigate potential transfer institutions


Third Semester

Explore your strengths, interests and prepare for possible academic and career paths

Meet with a career counselor to look into internships

Develop a resume, cover letter, and a LinkedIn Profile if you are looking for a job or internship

Be Prepared to Complete your Degree/Certificate at Miramar

Apply to transfer institutions by the deadlines

Apply for graduation by the deadline


Fourth Semester

Check, double check, and triple check

Be sure you are on target to completing your journey at Miramar!

Apply for graduation by deadline 

Apply to participate in Commencement by the deadline

For CSU (California State University) admissions, apply for graduation by ADT verification deadline (only if applying for transfer with an ADT)