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Miramar Student Health Center

Welcome to Student Health & Mental Health Counseling Services

Your health is our priority. Miramar College Student Health Services and Mental Health Counseling Services provide students with the resources to support their physical and mental wellness needs. Services are offered by licensed care providers and include prevention, medical care, emotional support, and other well-being counseling services.

Summer Service Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm.

COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are currently available to students in the Student Health Center. NOTE: Appointments are required at this time. When you schedule your appointment, you will be asked which vaccine regiment you prefer: Moderna (2 primary shots) or Janssen (1 primary shot). Booster shots are also available. Ask a Health Services professional for more information.

Miramar College ONLY offers ADULT doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at this time. You must be 18 years or older to receive a COVID-19 vaccine from Miramar health Services at this time.

Schedule Appointment

What to bring to your COVID-19 vaccine appointment:

  • You must show a photo identification (e.g., a school or work ID or membership card), and
  • Proof of age (something that shows your date of birth)

Contact the Student Affairs office if you would like FREE at home COVID-19 rapid tests.

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Are you in crisis or need immediate assistance? You're not alone!

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In an emergency call 911
Campus Police: 619-388-6405

For a Mental Health Emergency call the ACCESS & CRISIS 24 Hour Hotline: 1-888-724-7240.
National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline - Dial 988. It's like 911 but for your mental wellbeing! Available 24 hours with assistance in English and Spanish. For further information call us at 619-388-7881.

Mental Health Counseling

Mindfulness is top-of-mind at Miramar College.

Mental Health Counseling Services provides short-term mental health services and referrals to currently enrolled students at no cost. Additionally, a variety of educational programs are offered including mindfulness, stress reduction, and test anxiety reduction workshops.

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Physical Health Services

Health care handled conveniently, compassionately, and cost-effectively.

While serious or complicated medical conditions may be referred to providers outside of Miramar's Student Health Services for further evaluation and treatment, many services and care are given here on-campus.

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