Resume Writing

  1. Choose a job target (also called a "job objective")
  2. Find out what skills, knowledge and experience are needed to do that target job.
  3. Make a list of your 3 or 4 strongest skills, abilities or knowledge that make you a good candidate for the target job.
  4. For each key skill, think of several accomplishments from your past work history that illustrate each skill.
  5. Describe each accomplishment in a simple, powerful, action statement.
  6. List the primary jobs you've held, in chronological order.
  7. List your training and education that are related to the new job you want.
  8. Choose a résumé format that fits your situation: either chronological, functional or a combination of both.
  9. Summarize your key points (skills) at or near the top of your resume.
  10. PROOFREAD and correct all errors.