Text and Color Specifications

Heading 1: 2em

Heading 2: 1.75em

Heading 3: 1.5em

Heading 4: 1.125em

Heading 5: 1em

(all headings use the Oswald Medium font)

A paragraph is the basic unit of content. Paragraphs and other page content are in the Catamaran Regular font. Font weight is the default for this font (Normal). Bold text uses Catamaran Bold. Lists and other text elements are also part of a paragraph and use these fonts. 

The unit of measurement for fonts on the College website is the "em." Content paragraphs are sized at 1em.

Large text paragraphs are sized at 1.25em.

Font colors should always be handled by the system, not by content editors.


The following colors are part of the basic Miramar College online brand. They are shown here with their respective HTML codes.

The base colors are presented first, followed by variations.

Yellow #ffbf00
Teal #006e79
Teal Light #017a84
Teal Dark #003f45
Yellow Light #ffcc00;
Yellow Medium #ffba00
Yellow Dark #ffa700