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Website Services
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Onsite or Zoom

The Website Services Office at Miramar College handles questions, comments, and issues regarding the campus website.

The sidebar on the left provides links to important resources for content authors, such as the campus style-guide, how to add/update committee meetings, several video tutorials, etc.

What We Do


Miramar College uses the Drupal content management system, making it easier for departments to create and maintain their own content. We will assist you with beginning and intermediate training in content creation, page management, documents and media, and landing pages.

Training can be done for individuals and groups, in-person or via Zoom. If you or your department's designee require training, contact us by email. Also, our online Style Guide and How-to videos contain a good deal of what you need to know.

Custom Layouts & Features

Sometimes, default layouts aren't quite what a department needs. Examples might be:

  • A custom landing page
  • An approved feature that requires JavaScript
  • An online form for collecting information

If you have a set of requirements that existing templates aren't able to handle, let us know. We can discuss your department's needs and review possible solutions.

Where We Are

L-114 is on the first floor of the LIbrary/LRC building.