Calendar Events

Adding an event to the College calendar seems like a complicated process. However, once you've seen it, this is a very straightforward procedure.

First, go to Content > Add Content > Event.

Creating an Event 1

Now, give your event a name that a student can understand. This goes in the Title section.

If you wish, you can also add a short text description of your event. This is best practice.

Enter your event's start and end dates and times.

Creating an Event 2


First, click on the calendar icon. Select the start date of your event.

Now, click on the clock icon. Choose the start time.

Creating an Event 3

Note that there is a place for seconds. This is necessary for technical reasons. 

For our Events, seconds should always be "00."

There are several options for Event Location.

Creating an Event 4

If there is a virtual location for your event, the URL should be the Zoom address. Link Text can say something like "Online via Zoom." Keep it short.

For real-time locations, simply enter the location under Location Name.


For your event to display properly on the calendar, you must choose a Category.

Creating an Event 5


Choose a category from the dropdown list that fits your event.

Click Save, and you're done. Your event should now appear on the calendar.