Updating Faculty Contact Information

You should keep your contact information up to date, as this is the way students will get in touch, know your office hours, etc.

Finding Your Contact Information

This is what causes the most confusion. Your contact information is separate from the pages that it appears on., and must be updated separately. In order to find it, do the following:

After logging in, choose Content. You should see a list like this one:

List of Content


If you do not see your Contact, under Content Type, select Contact. In the Title field, type your name. Click Filter.

Finding your contact information

Click the Edit button on the right hand side. You will now see the Edit screen.

Editing contact information

Here you can update basic information such as your name, title, email, and office location.

Uploading a Portrait

Each faculty member should include an appropriate portrait. Format must agree with the "Portrait Medium" described on the Images for the Web  page.

To upload, scroll to the Image field below your basic information.

Uploading an image 1

Click on Select Images. You will see the following:

Uploading an image 2


Click on Select files, in the middle of the screen. You will see the standard file selection dialog box.

File dialog box


Double click the image you want to use.  You will see the following:

Uploading Images


In Alternative Text, type an understandable alternate name for the image. This is important for accessibility.

Important! Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click Select Images.

Uploading Images


You should now see your image displayed on your Contact edit screen.


Adding Office Hours

It is strongly advised that you add your office hours and/or availability to your contact information. To do so, start by scrolling below your image, to the Schedule section.

Adding Office Hours


To add office hours, click on Add Schedule. Let's say you have office hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10-11.

Adding Office Hours


You would select Monday as From Day, and Wednesday as To Day. Then enter the start and end time.

Now, let's say you also have office hours on Thursday from 11 to 12, but only on Zoom. Click Add Schedule, below the hours you just added. You will see the same screen:

Adding Office Hours


Enter Thursday as From Day with no To Day. Enter any short information in the Comments field if you wish. The address of your Zoom meeting goes in the Meeting Link field.

In the Bio field, type an optional short bio (maximum 1 paragraph).

Save your Contact. Your information should now be displayed wherever a faculty member is displayed.

Contact Information Display