Evidence of Assessment & Alignment


Miramar College assesses at the institutional level and Program level for all Instructional, Instructional Support and Student Services areas. Program level goals and outcomes (SLOs/SUOs) are assessed during each three year cycle.  All areas are required to map goals and outcomes to the College's Strategic Goals & Plans as well as the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ISLOs). Evidence of assessment is provided through various reports and documentation provided below. 

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO) 

ISLO Assessment

Miramar College assesses the College's ISLOs annually through the Graduation Survey. Questions #13 and 14 on the 2020-2021 Graduation survey address the current ISLOs. 

Miramar Graduation Survey 2021

Miramar Graduation Survey 3 Year Comparison 2018-2021

Instructional Division   

ISLO Mapping

Student Services Division:


Instructional Support Services Division:



2020-2027 Strategic Goals & Plans

All areas are required to map Program Goals to the College's Strategic Goals and Plans.

2020-2027 Strategic Goals & Plans Alignment Report

Program & Outcomes Assessment


Instructional Course Learning Outcomes and Assessment  

2018-2021 Instructional Course Outcomes

2018-2021 Instructional Course Action Plan Summary 

2018-2021 Assessment Cycle Summary Report

Instructional Program Learning Outcomes and Assessment 

2018_2021 Program Learning Outcomes

2018_2021 PLO Assessment Status

Instructional Support Services Unit Outcomes and Assessment  

ISS Outcomes

16-17 ISS Action Plan Summary 

2021-2024 Cycle Instructional Support Services Unit Outcomes

2021-2024 Cycle Instructional Support Action Plan Summary

Student Services Unit Outcomes and Assessment

15-18 Cycle Student Services Outcomes

15-18 Action Plan Summary

2021-2024 Cycle Student Services Unit Outcomes

2021-2024 Cycle Student Services Action Plan Summary