Student Services Program Review

The quality of student support services is evaluated during the annual Program Review process, which includes a comprehensive Program Review every three years with annual updates in the intervening years. Program Review includes evaluation of how Student Support Service areas directly support student learning and enhance accomplishment of the College mission. The last comprehensive Program Review was completed in 2015 with the current comprehensive Program Review process set to be conducted in spring 2018. The format of the Student Services Program Review template is aligned with Program Reviews in the other Divisions (i.e. Instruction and Administrative Services). This allows the information collected as a result of student services self- evaluation and student services learning outcome assessment to be captured following the same timeline as the other divisions and considered equally in college-wide planning. Using Taskstream, the Student Services Program Review template includes the following components:

  • Standing Requirements
    • Service Area Mission Statement: Field for identification of the Program’s Mission Statement which is aligned with the College’s mission.
    • Program Goals: Service Area Goals are directly mapped to the college’s Strategic Plan Goals, which directly support the college mission. This linkage is evidence of how student support services enhance accomplishment of the mission of the institution.
    • Service Area Learning Outcomes (SLO) Reports: Field where Student Service areas publish their Student Learning Outcomes Reports.
  • Cyclical Information
    • Action Plan: Field used to identify Action Plans that will be used to achieve Program Goals. Action Plans include details of the activity, resource requests, and any substantiating evidence or documentation. For years where only a Program Review Update is required, student service areas update this information and add new actions or goals as needed.
    • Status Report: Field used to identify status on progress of Action Plan.
    • Accomplishments: Field used to identify accomplishments within the academic year.
    • Evaluation: Field used to provide feedback of the Program Review by the Student Services Program Review Committee.

Evaluation performed in the Student Services Program Review is also used to provide evidence for resource requests to inform the Budget and Resource Development Subcommittee list, the Faculty Hiring Priority List, and the Classified Hiring Priority List. In line with the College’s annual planning cycle, action plans and strategies to improve student learning and success are also developed and included in the Student Services Division Plan, which is used to inform college-wide planning.


Program Review Reports

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