Student Services Program Review & Outcomes Assessment

Student Support Services programs are an important factor in the student experience. Student Services promotes learning through support resources such as educational planning, academic advising, counseling, admissions and other administrative services that lead to student success. Assessment of Student Support Services is vital in demonstrating the effectiveness and value of student support services and programs.

According to the ACCJC (Association of Community Colleges and Junior Colleges), the primary purpose of an ACCJC accredited institution is to foster learning in students. It ensures that the College's resources and processes support student learning. Assessment is the measurement of how well the College is achieving their goals and outcomes.  

Student Support Unit Outcomes (SUOs)

Student Support Unit Outcomes (SUOs) are measurable statements that describe significant knowledge or skills students should learn or be able to demonstrate after receiving a service, support resources or participating in a Student Services support program. 

Miramar College Student Services Division and Student Support professionals, in Admissions & Records, Student Development & Matriculation and Student Affairs assesses Program goals and Service Unit SUOs during the College's three year assessment cycle.


Each Student Support Unit should have outcomes defined that focus on:

  • Services being provided equitably and efficiently
  • Support being provided by the program/unit in a satisfactory manner

Each Student Support Unit outcome should assess:

  • What skills or knowledge the unit expects students who participate in the program to come away with
  • What essential processes or functions should students learn that could help them with their academic success
  • How student support services and programs relate to the institutional goals

 Program Review Reports

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