Administrative Services Program Review & Outcomes Assessment

The quality of administrative services is evaluated during the annual Program Review process, which includes a comprehensive Program Review every three years with annual updates in the intervening years. Program Review includes evaluation of how Administrative Services areas directly support institutional programs.

The last comprehensive Program Review was completed in the 2018-2021 cycle. The format of the Administrative Services Program Review template is aligned with Program Reviews in the other Divisions (i.e. Instruction and Student Services).

Administrative Services reviews at the program level.  This allows the information collected as a result of administrative services unit evaluation to be captured in parallel with other divisions and considered equally in college-wide planning.

The Administrative Services Program Review template includes the following components:

  • Standing Requirements
    • Service Area Mission: Provides commitment to supporting institutional service needs.
    • Operational Outcomes: Each unit’s Administrative Service Outcome (ASO) statement is mapped to the College’s Institutional Learning Outcome.
    • Administrative Services Unit Goals: Each unit’s identified goals are mapped to the college’s Strategic Plan to ensure integration
  • Cyclical Information
    • Administrative Services Program Scan: A broad identification of services provided by unit to institution.
    • Administrative Services Action Plans: Links goals identified in unit goals to action plans.
    • Administrative Services Status Report: Provides status of actions taken to achieve goals.
    • Administrative Services Resource Request: Based upon evidence identified in Program Scan, Action Plans and Status Report, identifies resources needed to achieve goals. Resource requests are grouped into the following categories for use in college wide resource allocation processes:
      • Staffing
      • Professional Development
      • Facilities
      • Technology
      • Equipment
      • Other

In line with the College’s annual planning cycle, actions plans and strategies to improve Administrative Services are used to inform college wide planning.


Program Review Reports

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