A photo of a graduation cap, which reads, "Gracias Dios y mi familia." Translation: "Thank you God and my family."

Undocu-friendly colleges and universities are institutions that provide academic, emotional, career and other resource-based support to Dreamers. Some of these campuses have Dream Centers or Undocumented Resource Centers, strong financial aid packages, and/or have dedicated staff that provide direct support to Dreamers.

The Miramar College Transfer Center can assist you with the transfer process. The Miramar Dreamers Support Office regularly invites local four-year university Undocu-Reps to our camps for Undocu-Transfer Mixers and other workshops and presentations. For more information about upcoming events, navigate to the Dreamers Events page.

It's never too early to begin thinking about your transfer goals. You can schedule an appointment with a Miramar Dreamers Support staff member to discuss your plans or to be referred to the Miramar College Transfer Center.

Undocu-Friendly Universities

Local Universities with Available Undocumented Student Services

*Bolded universities are located within the San Diego metropolitan area.

A Note on Private Colleges and Universities: Almost all private colleges and universities classify undocumented students as international students and consider their financial situation in determining admissions. As a result, undocumented students compete with students from every country in the world for a handful of enrollment slots. These schools consider an undocumented student’s ability to fund their entire four years of college in admissions decisions. The cost of attending a private college for four years ranges from $80,000 to $200,000. Because of these policies, thousands of qualified and competitive undocumented students are denied admission to private colleges every year.

Source: Immigrants Rising Educational Resource Binder.