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Introducing the Disability Aware Training!
Did you know DSPS offers an on-demand dynamic 3-hour course that dives deep into disability awareness, strategies, and connections?  Request this transformative training for your department today!
*Trainings are synchronous and offered in-person and online, flex credit is available.

This Training Will Empower You To
  • Expand your general disability IQ and understand disabilities as they relate to higher education.
  • Integrate simple accessibility tools and techniques.
  • Connect students to DSPS.
  • Foster relationships with DSPS staff and utilize DSPS resources to create strengthened support systems for yourself and your students.

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Meet Donna Eyestone, your Online Accessibility Mentor

In 1989 Donna combined her interests in music and technology to complete a BA in Computer Music Composition from Clark University. She went on to earn MFAs in Electronic Music Recording from the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music and in Integrated Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1996. Donna has been teaching multimedia, both online and in the classroom in the Bay Area since 1996. She is currently teaching Digital Audio Production, Radio Production, and is the DE Coordinator at the College of San Mateo. She is an Accessibility Mentor for the SDCCD Accessibility, Usability & Design Project.

Please reach out to Donna at deyestone@sdccd.edu for any online accessibility related questions, and visit the SDCCD Online Accessibility Mentors webpage to view a calendar of upcoming workshops.


College Resources

Equity Practices & Universal Design for Learning


  • UDL University. Designing for Variability Across the Postsecondary Curriculum.
    Published by CAST. Edited by Randy Laist, Dana Sheehan, and Nicole Brewer, 2022
  • Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms. 1st Edition, by Joe Feldman, Corwin a Sage Publication, 19
  • Unlearning,: Changing your beliefs and your classroom with UDL by Allison Posey and Katie R. Novak, 2020
  • Equity by Design: Delivering on the Power and Promise of UDL, by Mirko Chardin and Katie R. Novak., 2020



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Email: miradsps@sdccd.edu

Phone: 619-388-7312

Fax: 619-388-7917

Location: K1-204, second floor in Student Services building