Alternate Media

Process for Utilization of Alternate Media Accommodation

Requesting Alternate Media is a two part interactive process:

  • Meet with a DSPS counselor to discuss and request the accommodation for the applicable term
  • Complete the Alternate Media request form and engage in discussion with the Assistive Technology Specialist to determine the most appropriate media format and potential training needs

Before completing the online Alternate Media Request form, students are advised to:

  • Meet with a Miramar DSPS counselor and have Alternate Media listed on their Authorized Academic Accommodation letter for the term which they are requesting materials
  • Register for the classes at Miramar for which they are requesting Alternate Media
  • Purchase the required textbook(s)
  • Keep the receipts for the textbook(s)

Important Information about Alternate Media:

  • Alternate Media may be requested for required materials listed on the class schedule and/or course syllabus.  Recommended material may also be requested, but will have a lower priority than required materials
  • Up to 5 textbooks can be requested at one time
  • The standard production time for most Alternate Media materials is 10 business days from the time permission has been obtained from the publisher.  Specialized text such as:  Math, Science, Foreign Languages and Braille materials will require a longer production time
  • Some materials are not available in alternate format and students may be asked to provide their book to be cut and scanned to facilitate the request
  • Students should check their email regularly for updates regarding the status of their Alternate Media requests
  • Students must agree to the Alternate Media acknowledgment prior to receiving their Alternate Media materials
  • Per Administrative Procedure AP 3105.1 - Academic Accommodations and Disability Discrimination for Students with Disabilities, students have the right to request a meeting with the DSPS Coordinator when they have concerns about their Alternate Media accommodation

Questions about Alternate Media?  Please contact Rechelle at

To begin the Alternate Media Request form process, please click here:  Alternate Media Request form

Please view the video tutorial on completing the Alternate Media Request form