Career Ambassadors


Mission Statement


Our Mission is to help Students and Alumni navigate their career journeys by providing peer-to-peer Career Services in an encouraging and inclusive environment. As Career Ambassadors, we equip students with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to thrive in their Academic & Career Pathways (ACPs), professional opportunities, and personal growth. 


  • Career Research 
  • Career Preparation 
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Event Support for Academic & Career Pathways
  • Career Education Programs - Overview Presentations 
  • Information on Majors, Degrees, and Certificates
  • Referrals to Student Services

Meet Our Career Ambassadors

Career Ambassador - Benny Pallares

Benny Pallares '22

ACP Focus: Humanities, Arts, Languages, Communication

Why I became a Career Ambassador: My career goal is to become an Actor, Director and Film Producer for the Chicanx community. With skills from the Humanities, Arts, Languages, Communications academic & career pathways, I hope to inspire students to share their own beautiful stories and find their true career passion through Arts. 

  Career Tip: "Be confident in following your dreams!"





Career Ambassador - Ana Zamudio

Ana Zamudio '23

ACP Focus: Business and Entrepreneurship

Why I became a Career Ambassador: This Career Pathway is filled with creative freedom and the ability to be innovative. I look forward to assisting students as they pursue a career in Business and Entrepreneurship. I plan to apply my management leadership skills to work in the field of Clinical Psychology. 



Career Tip: "Be open to new experiences and opportunities!"



Career Ambassador - Kayla Ta

Kayla Ta '22

ACP Focus: Social and Behavioral Science & Education 

Why I became a Career Ambassador: Nothing fascinates me more than investigating the complexities of human behavior so I decided to study Psychology. My career goal is to conduct academic research at an environmental psychology lab. I'm excited to help students discover their academic interests and career opportunities.

Career Tip: "Don't hesitate to demonstrate your willingness to learn."





Joseph Greaney '23

ACP Focus: Advanced Transportation & Applied Technology

Why I became a Career Ambassador: I find the advancement of technology fascinating and transportation to be exhilarating.  My career goal is to advance in the airline industry to provide people with safe and reliable transportation.  I plan to achieve this for my peers by closely working with a variety of resources to create new possibilities.    

Career Tip: "Education opens new opportunities to create career and life fulfillment." 





Career Ambassador - Rahma Hassan

Rahma Hassan '21

ACP Focus: Health Sciences

Why I became a Career Ambassador: With my passion in helping others and hands-on experience working in the medical field, I hope to inspire and help students in the Health Sciences pathways to reach their career goals. My career goal includes raising awareness of mental health concerns within the minority communities and connecting individuals to culturally relevant resources for support.


Career Tip: "Embrace all positions until you're in YOUR position."




Career Ambassador - Ian Eusebio

Ian Eusebio '24

ACP Focus: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Why I became a Career Ambassador: I have always enjoyed Math and Science so I'm excited to start sharing resources on the types of careers students can pursue in the STEM fields, especially students from minority groups and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. My career goal is to work as a Data Analyst. 

Career Tip: "Get involved with volunteering!"  





Career Ambassador - Jasmine Ancheta

Jasmine Ancheta '21

ACP Focus: Public Safety

Why I became a Career Ambassador: I have always been interested in how the legal system impacts our daily lives and social control affects crime rates. My career goal is to work in Forensics. I cannot wait to share my knowledge and resources about criminal justice with other students who are interested in learning about the public safety career and academic pathways.


Career Tip:  "Find opportunities such as internships to enrich your personal and professional growth and increase your exposure to occupations within your interest."    



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