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The SD Miramar College Accredited Regional Firefighter 1 Academy consists of courses taken together in a sequential cohort model. Students are selected via lottery and are required to enroll in all courses in the sequence. In the table below is the list of courses that meet the requirements for the State Fire Academy and Category 1 Hiring Requirements for CAL FIRE. 

***Note: Complete the Fire Academy Interest Form if interested in applying to the Spring of 2024 Fire Academy and would like to be notified and receive the Fire Academy Application (dates below).  Once you complete the interest form, you will receive the application electronically the morning of the 1st day of the application period (dates below) via the email you submit on the interest form. Please be sure to check your junk mail if you do not receive the application.*** 

Fall Schedule: Full Time Academy (Next Full Time Academy starts every Fall):  

  • Full-time FF1 Academy: Monday - Friday (7am to 5pm) Fall Semester (Starts Mid-August and runs through the end of December) 

Spring Schedule: Part Time Academy (Next Part Time Academy starts every Spring):  

  • Part-time FF1 Academy: Monday - Friday Evenings (4pm to 10pm) and Saturdays (7am to 6pm) Spring Semester. (Starts in January and runs through the end of May)  

Prerequisites for the Fire Academy 

The prerequisites to attend the academy include: (***You may apply to the academy while in progress with these prerequisites. The applications that have prerequisites fully completed will be considered first prior to the applications with prerequisites in progress***): 

  1. Completion of an EMT course

  2. FIPT 101 - Fire Protection Organization or equivalent college course. 

  3. Successful completion of FIPT 100D Fire Department Testing Procedures course or Current CPAT Card. The FIPT 100D Fire Department Testing Procedures course is highly preferred.  

The Application Period: 

Mandatory Orientation: 

  • Full-Time Fire Academy is in June 

  • Part-Time Fire Academy is in October

    • Mandatory Orientation: October 10th, 2023; 1800-2100 hours

General College Registration:  

Make sure to register as a student at Miramar College first. A student ID number is required to enroll in the academy.  

Fire Academy Cohort Course List: 

Students who complete the required Fire Academy Training are eligible to participate in the FIPT 381G Skills Review and Certification exam to meet Firefighter I Exam requirements for State Fire Training.  Students who successfully complete/pass the requirements for the SFT Firefighter I Certification Exam are eligible for the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) & Pro Board seal.  


 Course Description 



 Introduction to Fire Suppression Manipulative Tasks (Beginning) - 80 Hours 



 Introduction to Fire Suppression Manipulative Tasks (Intermediate) - 80 Hours 



 Introduction to Fire Suppression Manipulative Tasks (Advanced) - 80 Hours 



 Truck Company Operations (old 150D) - 80 Hours 



 Wildland Firefighter Safety and Survival (old 110A) - 80 Hours 



 Hazardous Materials/WMD Operations - 24 hours 



 Confined Space Awareness - 8 hours 



 Firefighter Survival - 24 hours 



 I-200 Basic Incident Command System (ICS) - 16 Hours 



 Frontline Responder - 1A Behavior Heath & Cancer (NEW) - 8 Hours 



 Skills Review & Certification Exam (Fire Control III) - 80 Hours   


EXSC 140A 

Boot Camp for Fire Academy                                                                         



Fire Academy Cost Estimates 

Please review the student fees associated with the Fire Academy. Student fees include the costs of Tuition, Books, Uniforms, State Fire Training Certification Fees, Equipment Rental and miscellaneous academy needs. Please review the cost sheet for both Fire Academy: 

Perspective Fire Academy Students 

Waiting for the next academy to start?  What should you do to prepare physically and mentally for the next academy?  

  1. Ensure you are working on the prerequisites identified above 

  2. Purchase the latest edition of the Jones and Bartlett Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills and Hazardous Materials Response  

  3. Enroll in the FIPT 100D Fire Department Testing Procedures course will prepare you for the physical demands of the Firefighter Academy. Review the CPAT Preparation Guide. These exercises will prepare you for the academy along with established running goals. Goal should be to run three miles under 30 minutes, a recommended goal during the academy. 

  4. If you are 21 or younger consider joining a Fire Cadet or Fire Explorer Program. San Diego Fire-Rescue Department has a wonderful Cadet Program. Please go to to explore their requirements and opportunities. 

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***Due to safety concerns, as well as minimum requirements by regulatory agencies, potential students should be aware applicable courses may require participants to demonstrate physically demanding skills, evolutions and fitness requirements along with both verbal and nonverbal communication. If you have any concerns as to your ability to safely participate in these courses, please contact the Dean of Public Safety at 619-388-7860.***