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Credit for Prior Learning Flyer Download (Please post in your Fire Station) 

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) in Fire Technology is designed for the experienced firefighter or fire prevention specialist who is seeking an Associate's Degree and/or Certificate of Achievement recognizing applicable State Fire Training courses completed outside of the community college system.

By definition, Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is college credit awarded for validated college-level skills and knowledge gained outside of a college classroom (Administrative Procedure AP-5235).

Credit for prior learning may be earned for eligible courses approved by the faculty for students who satisfactorily pass an authorized assessment.  Applicable authorized assessments for Fire Technology students includes the evaluation of State Fire Training industry recognized credentials.

Credit for prior learning may be earned for eligible Entry Level Fire Technology courses, Fire Prevention Courses and Company Officer for college credit toward Associate Degrees and Certificate of Achievements. Credit for Prior Learning is not applicable for general education courses at this time. 

There are NO costs for college credit earned toward your Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement and no restriction of the number of college units recognized through the Credit for Prior Learning opportunity.

Courses Approved for Credit for Prior Learning- 

Fire Technology / Company Officer / Fire Prevention 

See the course list for approved Entry Level Firefighter, Company Officer and Fire Prevention courses for approval.  This list is based on a matrix created by members of the Higher Education Committee with State Fire Training.  Approved Course List

Steps to Applying for Credit for Prior Learning

The following steps are provided to first guide Fire Technology students (especially students returning to San Diego Miramar) 

  1. Ensure you are a SDCCD current student (10 digit student ID). 
    1. You must first register as a student at Miramar (Typically, even returning students need to update registration if not completed in the past year).

      If you are having difficulty enrolling -  Please contact: Miramar Admissions

      619-388-7844 7am-7pm

  2. Ensure all transcripts are posted from other colleges you have attended outside of SDCCD District.  Link to post transcripts from other institutions to SDCCD.
  3. Choose one of the three Fire Technology Degrees / Certificate of Achievement awards you would like to earn at San Diego Miramar College. 
  4. Review the list of approved State Fire Training industry recognized credentials for the chosen Degree/ Certificate of Achievement and determine which courses you would like to seek Credit for Prior Learning for college credit.  If unsure, consult Fire Technology Program Director Darren Hall at  
  5. Make sure you have a PDF copy of your "Industry Standard Credential" such as SFT Firefighter 1 or SFT Certifications earned without college credit. 

Apply for Credit for Prior Learning

After reviewing the approved list and identifying courses you are seeking Credit for Prior Learning, follow these steps from the District Website for Credit for Prior Learning.  You will be following the steps for "Industry Standard Credentials"

STEP 1: Visit the SDCCD forms and Documents website to locate the online "Credit for Prior Learning" college evaluation form.

STEP 2: Complete the prompts and select "Credit for Prior Learning" from the form/petition drop-down menu to access the online petition.

STEP 3: Complete the online form: Email Confirmation, Phone number, First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Date of Birth, College, and Form/Petition (select Credit for Prior Learning).

STEP 4: Select the appropriate type of CPL (Industry Standard) in the [Petitioning for CPL Based on] drop down list. 

STEP 5: Confirm you meet the eligibility requirements: click on each requirement. All seven criteria must be met.

STEP 6: Complete the course information: e.g., FIPT  101. 

STEP 7: Add the course title. e.g., Fire Service Organization

STEP 8: Select the grading option. Refer to the college catalog to determine the grading option for the course you are interested in. Letter grade of "A" is given for students seeking Credit for Prior Learning using Industry Standard Credentials such as SFT certificates. 

STEP 9: Select yes or no as appropriate. Select "yes" and submit SFT documents required per for the course according to the Approved Course List. Drag and Drop files into the box provided or click browse to upload documents from your computer.

STEP 10: Type in your full name to digitally sign the form. Click send.

STEP 11: Once submitted, the request will be routed to the College Evaluations office. The staff will verify the form is complete, official transcripts from all other institutions are on file, and that the course is on the eligible CPL list. College Evaluations will forward to District Office Evaluations—the system will send the request to the appropriate district evaluator.

STEP 12: The District Evaluator will review the request to assure all CPL eligibility criteria are met, that the correct method of CPL and the correct grading method have been selected, and will forward the request to the Student Services Analyst. Note: If the you are not eligible to receive CPL for the course, the evaluator will enter a comment into JIRA why the course is not eligible, and cancel the request. You will be notified via an email generated by JIRA

STEP 13: The Student Service Analyst will build the course, enroll the you, and assign the request to the appropriate instructor for the CPL class. The instructor and student (you) will be notified via the system that they can begin the CPL.

STEP 14: The instructor will review student documentation and/or administer an exam, and will issue a grade.

STEP 15: You will be provided the grade and will be required to accept or deny the credit. If you deny the credit, the process will stop and the request will be closed. If the you accept the credit, the request will be forwarded to District Office Records.

STEP 16: District Office Records will enter the grade and add the course to the student’s transcript with CPL and the method—Credit for Prior Learning: Exam, Credit for Prior Learning: Industry Certification or Credit by Exam: Portfolio. Request will be forwarded to the evaluator for verification of entry.

STEP 17: District evaluator will verify that the course(s) was transcribed with CPL and method appropriately, and will complete the JIRA ticket with a comment that the course has been added to your transcript. You will be notified via an email generated by JIRA.

Limitations on Credit for Prior Learning

Credits acquired by Credit for Prior Learning are not applicable to meeting of such unit load requirements as Selective Service deferment, Veterans, or Social Security benefits.

• Credits acquired by Credit for Prior Learning shall not be counted in determining the 12 semester hours of credit in residence required for an Associate degree.

Note: CPL may be used to fulfill the District requirement for six units in the major.

• Credit granted by SDCCD does not necessarily transfer to other institutions. Final determination regarding transfer of credit rests with the receiving institution. Students intending to transfer to a four-year institution should consult a counselor or the individual university regarding their credit for prior learning policy.

• Credit awarded through credit for prior learning may not be used for grade alleviation.

SDCCD Credit for Prior Learning Page

For more overall information regarding Credit for Prior Learning, please see the link to SDCCD Credit for Prior Learning Page.

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