Miramar College-Hourglass Field House & Gymnasium

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Miramar College-Hourglass Field House & Gymnasium 

Gymnasium and Exercise rooms may be available for rent when not in use for classes and Athletics programs. 

Field House


  • 2 Basketball Courts/6 Baskets (J-1 Building)
  • 3 Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Futsal Courts
  • 6 Badminton Courts

These facilities offer permanent and portable bleacher capability and ample parking.

Absolutely no food or drinks or gum are allowed in our facilities. 

Code of Conduct

The following is not permitted: 

  • Propping doors open. 
  • Food and drinks in the gym.
  • Black-soled shoes.
  • Taping anything to the walls. 
  • Tape on the gym floor.
  • Driving or parking of vehicles in Field House walkways and courtyard area. 

Rental Information & Contact

For facility rental forms and other information, please visit the Hourglass Facilities Community Rental Information page. Contact Miramar College Hourglass Support Services Department at 619-388-7370 or via email at miramarhourglass@sdccd.edu to learn more about current availability.

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City of San Diego Hourglass Field House

Rental Information & Contact

For City of San Diego Hourglass Field House rental, please contact City of San Diego Center Director, Jesse Dawn at 858-538-8113 or via email at jdawn@sandiego.gov for more information. 


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