Hourglass Support Services

The San Diego Community College District and City of San Diego jointly operate a 38-acre multi-purpose complex on the campus of San Diego Miramar College. Hourglass Support Services (HGSS) coordinates and supports the daily logistics for the Exercise Science classes and Athletics teams, as well as campus events and Civic Center usage. In addition, HGSS provides event support for community patrons in the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation programs, serving 500,000 customers annually. 

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The Hourglass Facilities are located at the South-West corner of the campus by Black Mountain Road and Gold Coast Drive.

Miramar College-Hourglass Park & Fields

  • Tennis Courts, Eastside of J-1 Building

Ned Baumer-Miramar College Aquatic Center

  • P Building

Miramar College-Hourglass Field House & Gymnasium

  • Gymnasium, J-1 Building
  • Weight Training and Performance Lab, J-201                       
  • Fitness Center, J-203
  • Yoga Room, J-224 & J-225 

Services We Provide for Students 

Locker Assignments for SD Miramar College students may be available at the aquatic center each semester, at no charge. Locker Assignment Use Policy forms are located at the pool office (P-101) and Fitness Center (J-203). Please contact Athletic Equipment Attendants for more information:

Men's Athletic Equipment Attendant: Marco Palombo, Phone: 619-388-7369, Email: mpalombo@sdccd.edu
Women's Athletic Equipment Attendant: Blake Seits, Phone 760.975.9207, E-mail bseits@sdccd.edu

Student Swim Passes are $20 per semester (cash or check only) for Miramar College students. Bring proof of enrollment and CSID to the service window at the pool to purchase one.

All-gender bathrooms are located on deck at the Ned Baumer-Miramar College Aquatic Center.

For showers available to our homeless student population on campus, contact our office at 619-388-7370 for the most up-to-date policies and hours open for shower and locker room use. To ensure all students have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education, SD Miramar College provides referral services for homeless students aged 25 and under through the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). A 3-hour window to access the shower facilities on campus during designated hours is provided by the Ned Baumer~Miramar College Aquatic Center.

Shower Hours for Spring 2024 are Monday - Friday 8 AM - 11 AM; feel free to contact our office with questions or for additional information. 

Facilities Available for Community Use

Are you interested in renting a facility at Hourglass? View Facility Rental Info Here

Miramar College-Hourglass Support Services Department


Hourglass Park Support Services Supervisor
Anna Liza P.S. Manzo
Office Phone: 619-388-7370
E-mail: amanzo@sdccd.edu 
Office: P-101A

Athletics Groundskeeper
Jonathon Taddeo
E-mail: jtaddeo@sdccd.edu


Contact Info & Hours of Operation

Our department operates year round! Our office is located at the Miramar College Aquatic Center, P-101A.
Our general office hours follow Miramar College business hours.
Call 619-388-7370 or email miramarhourglass@sdccd.edu for more information.

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