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Graduation Caps and Gowns

A Graduate

San Diego Miramar College graduation regalia is the traditional black cap and gown with our signature teal tassel.

Caps and gowns will be available for purchase beginning in late April/early May.


For more information you can email us at

Please allow 1-2 days for a response



Honors designations are awarded to students earning an Associate Degree with a GPA of 3.5 or higher (Certificates are not considered for honors regalia at this time). This GPA is based on all of the student's completed courses at the time of Commencement, meaning that if a student is enrolled in courses during the spring semester, those classes will not count towards the GPA calculation for the ceremony but they will be reflected when the degree is awarded. For more information about honors see Steps to Graduate.

Please note that tassel exchanges will not take place until Cap & Gown sets become available for purchase. Honors students will be invited to exchange tassels in a separate email.

A Graduate

Regalia, graduation announcements, frames and class rings may be purchased online through Jostens.