Budget Development and Support

The Budget Process

The Accounting Supervisor coordinates the annual Tentative and Adopted Budget processes for the campus.  The district provides a General Fund Unrestricted (GFU) Campus Allocation Model (CAM) to budget and contract payroll data to validate and balance to the CAM. Budgets are calculated for adjunct faculty salary based on school FTEF allocation and CAM adjunct rate. Worksheets are provided to campus administrators to work with their divisions to allocate discretionary funding. 

For non-GFU budgets, program managers are provided available balances to allocate as defined by fund source.  Fund budgets are balanced. After District Board approval, all budgets are uploaded into PeopleSoft.

Budget Validation and Financial Reporting

All requisitions, travel, amount only invoices, revolving cash requests, co-curricular check requests, and business card requests route through the Business Office for budget approval, verification of correct account coding and proper supporting documentation. The Business Office works with all departments and district personnel to resolve budget issues, incorrect expense recording, and problems with supplier payments. 

Various program managers need to submit annual financial reports to the State Chancellor’s office or other governing agency. Reports are run or data is extracted to provide financial data to program managers. Monthly manual and system-generated budget reports are provided to campus personnel as requested to assist in managing departments or program expenditures.      

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