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Kapitzke, Denise
Director of Administrative Services
Mon - Thu: 8:00am - 5:00pm
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Budget, Purchasing & Travel Information

Administrative Services manages the campus budget process and provides fiscal assistance and support to faculty, staff, and administrators in the areas of Financial Reporting, Purchasing & Travel. We serve as liaisons between the campus and the district Fiscal Services and Purchasing departments, provide PeopleSoft training and troubleshooting, and ensure compliance with SDCCD policies and procedures.

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Denise Kapitzke, Director of Administrative Services

Elizabeth Whitsett, Administrative Technician

Edward King, Sr. Accounting Technician

Forms and other resources can be found on the Resources for Faculty & Staff page, under "Administrative Services."

Budget Development and Support

The annual budget process, budget transfers, journal entries, budget validation, and financial reporting are services provided to the campus to assure campus fiscal management is in compliance with district administrative policies, in accordance with State and Federal regulations and adheres to the accounting structure as defined in the California Community Colleges Budget and Accounting Manual (BAM). 


Purchase requisitions are utilized to present a formal request for materials and/or services needed and to obtain the appropriate approvals to charge the expenses to a project or department budget. Once a requisition has been approved, it is dispatched from Purchasing as a Purchase Order (PO). All purchases for supplies, equipment, and services must be pre-approved within the PeopleSoft requisition process and will not be permitted without approved PO. 


District off-campus travel includes meetings where principal business includes institutional, professional, and/or instructional activities. It also includes attendance at seminars, workshops, and training sessions conducted by other agencies for the personal development of employees for which the training sessions will also benefit the District. Reimbursable expenses include conference fees, transportation, hotel and meals.