The Travel Reimbursement Process

Contact campus travel liaison for training: Elizabeth Whitsett,


Before you travel

 All travel must be preapproved within PeopleSoft at least two weeks prior to travel. To begin, a traveler must obtain supervisor approval, funding, and supporting documentation. The traveler creates a Travel Authorization (TA) in PeopleSoft, attaches required documentation and submits TA for budgetary approval. The TA is routed to budget manager and divisional Vice President.  Once the Vice President approves, the TA is routed to the Business Office to ensure compliance with District Policies and Procedures. If the traveler is using non-GFU budget, the TA also routes to Grants & Contracts or Special Funds. The final approver is the campus President. Once the President approves, the traveler receives a PeopleSoft system generated email informing them that their TA is approved. 

The TA process allows the traveler to pay for all expenses up front and be reimbursed upon return. Travelers also have the options of prepaying their conference fee, prepaying their hotel and booking their flights through Balboa Travel. The TA must be fully approved to utilize these options and Accounts Payable needs at least 3 weeks prior to the start of travel to process a Payment Request.

Before you start a Travel Authorization (TA)

The following items are needed before you start a TA:

  • Dean/Supervisor approval
  • Budget number
  • Conference or Meeting Agenda
  • Travel supporting documents

Upon return from travel

The traveler must complete an Expense Report (ER) in PeopleSoft within 10 days.  The traveler creates the ER from the initial TA, edits expenses as needed, and attaches receipts. ER routes to the Business Office for review and approval. If ER is complete and in compliance with district policy, it is approved and reimbursement is issued through Accounts Payable.   

Before you start an Expense Report (ER)

The following items are needed before you start an ER:

  • Hotel and conference receipts showing proof of payment
  • Receipts for all miscellaneous expenses, i.e. parking, taxi, shuttle, supplies

Forms and Links

Travel Instructional Guides