The Purchasing Process

Department requisitions are entered into PeopleSoft, by trained requestor. The requisition identifies the supplier, the budget and items to be purchased. A copy of the quote is also included. Submitted requisitions route through department and budget approvers, the campus business office, and Grants & Contracts or Special Funds, if necessary before routing to district Purchasing for processing. If requisition is completed correctly and budget is available, Purchasing dispatches a PO to the supplier. POs are sent to supplier’s email address on file. Suppliers deliver orders to campus stockroom or provide requested services. Orders received in the stockroom are “received” in PeopleSoft. Supplier submits invoice to Accounts Payable as instructed on Purchase Order. If PO, stockroom received, and invoice all match, the supplier is paid. If a service is provided, there is nothing to receive in the stockroom; therefore, Administrative Services will confirm with requisition initiator if the services have been completed and invoice is OK to pay.  All items are to be received through the stockroom.

Before you start

The following items are needed before you begin to process a requisition:

  • Supplier name and number  If new supplier, provide Business Office with a Supplier Intake Form and W-9
  • Budget number and available funding
  • Current quote
  • District approved Consultant or Lecture Agreement, if applicable.
  • Evaluation of Employer/Employee Relationship form for consultants hired as Independent Contractors
  • For catering events, contact the Business Office

Types of Requisitions

Regular Requisitions are to be completed for the purchase of equipment, supplies and software. A current quote from the supplier is required to be attached.

Office Solutions is the district contracted supplier for office supplies. Requisitions do not require a quote attached because PeopleSoft has a Punch Out link. You select your items in Office Solutions and the items are pulled into the requisition.

Amount Only Requisitions are intended for maintenance service agreements, rentals, professional services, and subscriptions. Amount Only POs should not be used for the purpose of tangible product purchases.  Exceptions must be approved by Vice President of Administrative Services.

Prepay Requisitions are to be used when a prepayment is required. The invoice/payment information must be attached to the requisition. Requestors provide the invoice to Accounts Payable for payment. A Special Handling form must be completed and submitted to Accounts Payable.

Consultant Agreements are entered as Amount Only requisitions and must include a copy of the agreement.

Lecture Agreements / Performance Agreements are entered as Amount Only requisitions and must include a copy of the agreement. A Payment Request may also be used for one-time speaking or performance engagements.

Forms and Links 

Purchasing Instructional Guides