State Fire Training - Certification Payments

Payments for State Fire Training (SFT) and CA Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) courses are processed through San Diego Community College ETI. This agreement allows for simple payments for the students and billing between SFT and Miramar College. Make sure you are paying for the correct class, (Date and Class Number).

Do NOT pay the SFT certification until the first day of the course.

Step #1 - SFT Payment Information (Please pay the first day of class and NOT before) 

Scroll to the bottom of this page and select the correct State Fire Training Paypal Payment button to complete your payment for the State Fire Training course you are enrolled in.  (Please carefully select and pay for the correct course).  Save the Paypal Transaction ID for step 2. 

Step#2 - SFT Roster and Payment Roster

Click on the the Google Payment and SFT Roster Form below. You need your Paypal Transaction ID, SFT ID and College ID to complete the form. This is the class SFT Roster and Payment Roster.  Make sure to Select the correct State Fire Training course in the drop down form.  This form is used to confirm payment and generate the SFT Course Roster for submission to SFT. 

Google Payment and SFT Roster Form Link

State Fire Training Notes:

SFT Acadis - Link to access your certificate or SFT Student ID.

State Fire Training will notify you via email once the your certification has been uploaded to your portal.  See:  State Fire Training User Portal Links website and access it through your account. Please allow at least three weeks after the completion of the class for processing of the course.

Fire Control 3 (Class 1 - Academy 13)

Fire Control 3


May 13–May 16


Fire Control 3 (Class 2)

Fire Control 3 (Class 2)


May 13–May 18


Chief officer 3D

Chief officer 3D


May 10–May 24


FF1 Exam - Academy 13

FF1 Exam


April 15–April 19