Register to Vote - Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Initiative

In the last presidential election, more than half of college students did not vote. An estimated 48 percent of students voted compared to more than 70 percent of senior citizens -- a serious imbalance that ultimately means less attention to the needs of students and their colleges. Had more students voted, they might have changed the outcomes in some of our key swing states.

Your Voice Counts so make sure you register to vote!

How do I register to vote?

To register, you'll need to complete a Voter Registration Form. There are many ways to get the form:

  • pick up a form at the Associated Student Government Office or the Office of Student Affairs
  • pick up a form in person at any number of public offices such as any Library, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV),  or Post Office.
  • Visit the San Diego County Reigistrar of Voters webpage
  • Call 1-800-345-VOTE to request a form be mailed to you
  • Review the California Voter Registration website
  • Register to vote online on the the California Online Voter Registration website. The form will be printed and mailed to you for your signature. After you verify that the information is correct, the form must be signed and mailed to your county election official for the registration to be processed.

You must re-register to vote when you have a change in address, change in name, or change your political party affiliation.

Anyone falsifying information on the Voter Registration Application Form can be fined or imprisoned, or deported or refused entry into the United States.

Vote Safer In California during COVID-19

For more information visit this

Voter Information Canvas Page

created by Professor Bochicchio

Resources for Voters with Disabilities