Careers in Aviation Operations

Pilot Information

Nearly all commercial airline and military pilots have four-year college degrees. Although they don't all major in aviation, if you are interested in a career in aviation an aeronautical program is a good place to start. Earning your Associates Degree in Aviation Business Administration or Professional Aeronautics is an exciting and affordable way to build the the solid foundation you need to succeed in the field of aviation.

Academic Programs

Miramar Student in the Pilot Seat

Miramar College offers two degrees in Aviation Operations: Associates Degree in Aviation Business Administration or the Professional Aeronautics. The Aviation Operations Program integrates simulator flight training with rigorous academic study, providing a strong foundation for leadership positions within the aviation industry. The program emphasizes the study of a unique combination of group dynamics, human factors, and safety awareness along with the technical fundamentals of flight in order to enhance students' development of situational awareness, critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Career Options

The following is an abbreviated list of the myriad of career training options the Aviation Operations Program prepares its graduates to embark upon:

  • Airline Management
  • Airport Management
  • Airport Security
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Border Patrol
  • Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Certificated Flight Instructor
  • Federal Air Marshal
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Fixed Base Operator Management
  • Flying Club Management
  • Flight Attendant
  • Flight Operations Supervisor
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • US Military

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Aviation Maintenance Technician / Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Stabilizer    

Miramar College's Aviation Operations Program is part of the larger Aeronautical and Aviation Technology Department, housed within the School of Technical Careers and Workforce Initiatives. The aviation department trains both mechanics and pilots to standards established by the FAA.