Appeals and Special Circumstances

Students sometimes find they have exceptional circumstances that require further review of their financial aid status.  You can read more below about the ways students can request additional reviews of their individual needs and circumstances.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals:

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is a standard colleges and universities use to measure a student’s progress toward completing their academic program. The purpose of SAP is to ensure that students are making reasonable progress toward obtaining their degree and to ensure that students are using their federal financial aid in a responsible and accountable manner. Regulations require that a student meet the SAP standards to remain eligible for financial aid. The calculations are cumulative.  Please click on the link below to review the policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress | San Diego Miramar College (  Additionally, workshops are available to assist with the completion of the appeal form.  Click here for more information.

Special Circumstances/Budget Adjustment Reviews:

We understand that economic hardship is a reality for many families. If you/your family have special circumstances that you believe should be taken into consideration (e.g. you are no longer receiving an income source, a significant change in income has happened or is expected, etc.) you may contact our office to schedule an appointment with our staff to review your special circumstances.  

  • Special Circumstance Review: If you believe your FAFSA does not adequately reflect your current financial situation.
  • Budget Adjustment Request: If you believe your Cost of Attendance does not adequately reflect your educational expenses.

Circumstances that may be considered for an income reduction review:

  • Unemployment or significant changes in earnings
  • Loss of child support for a child living with you
  • Loss of one-time income reported on the FAFSA
  • Disability of a parent whose income was reported on the FAFSA
  • Divorce/legal separation and the income was reported on the FAFSA
  • Death of a parent or spouse whose income was reported on the FAFSA
  • Other income reduction that is justified and documented by the family that was reported on the FAFSA