Participatory Governance Academy

The Participatory Governance Academy is the culmination of years of faculty, staff, and administrative efforts seeking ways to help Miramar's committees function at their best. The two primary goals driving this work are to achieve: 1) optimally functioning committees, and 2) effective committee integration with and communication to the greater campus. While the target audience for this academy is Committee Chairs, everyone who serves or wants to serve on a committee will likely benefit from the workshop. This website was created to house materials that committee chairs and other members might find beneficial.

Please see the links below:

  1. Video Recording of the Academy  (unlisted on YouTube--i.e. only available through this link)
  2. Participatory Governance Academy (a PDF version of the slideshow with links)
  3. Guiding Principles for Committee Work (including links to the College Governance Handbook as well as primers on the Brown Act, Robert's Rules of Order, and collegiality)
  4. Roberts Rules of Order Cheat Sheet
  5. If you are a committee chair and would like a copy of "Robert's Rules of Order SparkCharts (Volume 61)," a hardcopy is available for you at the VPI's Office

If you have ideas for a future Participatory Governance Academy or wish to contact the workshop leads, they are: Paul "Pablo" Martin and Kurt Hill.

Governance Resources