Guided Pathways

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The Guided Pathways (GP) Framework creates a highly structured approach to student success, which provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns aimed at promoting better enrollment decisions and preparing students for future success. Furthermore, The Guided Pathways (GP) Framework integrates support services in ways that make it more efficient and effective for students to obtain the help they need during every step of their community college experience.



Meet the GPS Team + Goals

The Guided Pathways Steering (GPS) Committee is committed to establishing a solid framework, with the help all faculty, staff, and administration, aimed to improve the journey of our students.


Explore classes, certifications, degrees and careers in areas that interest you!


Course Sequencing

Aimed at mapping clear and efficient pathways to degrees, employment, and furthering one's education.

GP Resources

Learn more about GP at other community colleges and throughout the state of California.


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Therefore, it is essential to work together.

The following capacities are essential for motivating and supporting Miramar College in undertaking the transformation needed to implement guided pathways effectively. 

  • Broad and authentic engagement of all faculty, staff and administration in the design, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement of pathways for students. 
  • Institutional commitment and financial support to use data and evidence to design academic and career pathways, monitor student progress, and implement needed improvements over time. 
  • Essential technology appropriate to support student progress through guided pathways. 
  • Commitment to professional development for all faculty and staff which is required to design and implement pathways.