Behavioral Intervention Form

The Behavioral Intervention Team is an interdisciplinary team that meets on a regular basis to review and respond to reports of student behavior that are concerning and at the present time do not meet the criteria for a student conduct violation (which is reported to the Dean of Student Affairs), or an emergency situation, perceived or present threat, imminent danger including self-harm or a threat to the community (which should be reported to College Police or 911).

If you are concerned about the behavior of a student or heard something a student said that worries you or makes you think that they may need help, please complete this form.  A member of the BIT Team will review this report in a timely manner and determine the appropriate course of action.

Please be aware that reports are reviewed during normal business hours.  If you have an emergency situation, contact Campus Police at 619-388-6405.

If you would like to speak with a member of the Behavioral Intervention Team about student behavior or conduct, prior to your submission of a Report Form, you are welcome to contact the Dean of Student Affairs at 619-388-7313 or email