Behavioral Intervention Team



What We Do

The Behavioral Intervention Team is an interdisciplinary team that meets on a regular basis to review and respond to reports of student behavior that are concerning and at the present time do not meet the criteria for a student conduct violation (which is reported to the Dean of Student Affairs), or an emergency situation, perceived or present threat, imminent danger including self-harm or a threat to the community (which should be reported to College Police or 911).The Team evaluates each referral efficiently and individually to provide proper follow up resources to the student in question and/or consultation with campus resources.

The BIT process does not handle faculty classroom management, disciplinary processes, and/or public safety responses to incidents.

If you have a life threatening emergency dial 9-911 from any district phone or 911 from a pay or cell phone first. Then notify College Police dispatch at (619) 388-6405. The TTY number is (619) 388-6419.


  • To provide a safe environment for the campus community to report student behaviors of concern through collaboration, information collection, risk assessment, and intervention.
  • To promote campus safety by fostering a culture of reporting.
  • To help and support students via educational, rather than punitive means, according to established protocols and transparent procedures while protecting the privacy and rights of individuals.
  • To track and monitor problematic student behavior by providing consultation, referral, and support to faculty and staff.
  • To provide training and education as we work together to promote student and community success.
  • To assess, evaluate, and evolve BIT team functions and protocols while identifying and refining best practices.


What to Report

In general, any behavior that raises concern for a student's well-being should be reported. General examples include but are not limited to: depressed or withdrawn affect, significant anxiety or stress, concerning pictures or statements (of a non-threatening nature) written within homework/quizzes, concerning comments regarding their personal life, classmate(s) reporting a concern about a student's behavior to you. Additional examples are provided on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Behaviors of concern might be observed in a number of different locations such as in a classroom, service location or office.

Who Can Report

Anyone can report concerning student behavior.  This includes Faculty, Staff, Administrator and students.  

How to Report

Complete the BIT Referral Form. This form is also located under IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. 


For answers to other questions you might have, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.