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Important Links for Students

Online Forms and Submission - Clearing co/prerequisites - Counseling Appointments - Online Tutoring Services - Faculty Email Directory Search - Transcripts

Send Electronic Transcripts to:                                      Send Physical Transcripts to:

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Admission Requirements

Admission is open to anyone who meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Persons who possess a high school diploma or California high school proficiency exam certification or a high school equivalency certificate.
  2. Persons 18 years of age or older or emancipated minors who do not possess a high school diploma or equivalent may be admitted by the college under provisional admission status.
  3. High school students requesting concurrent enrollment should click here for our district policy and procedures.                          

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Dreamers WElcome Link

Click the image above or here for DACA/Undocumented Student Support

For detailed policy information please see our College Catalog

Getting Started with mySDCCD

 Video Tutorials Available:

How to Create your mySDCCD Account - What to do when you forget your password 

1. Check your initial welcome email

2. Check the bottom of any official district email

3. If you know your old 7-digit number, add three zeros to the beginning

4. Request your Unofficial Transcript and the number will be there (you will need to know/have applied with your SSN)

5. If none of the above have worked, please submit a student help ticket (1-2 business days). You will be asked to provide a government-issued photo ID. 


Having trouble navigating mySDCCD? Follow the link below for further help.

mySDCCD Help for Students

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Registering for Classes

Registration Dates:

Fall 2021 Class Schedule Available Online - 6/9/2021

Fall 2021 Registration Appointments Available for Viewing (mySDCCD) - 6/19/2021

Registration by Appointment Begins - 6/24/2021

Open Registration - 7/19/2021

Fall 2021 Primary Session Begins - 8/23/2021

Video Tutorials Available:

How to search the class schedule - How to register for classes - How to waitlist in a class - How to drop a class

Trouble finding your Student/User ID Number?

With the exception of Special-Admit High School students, all students receive an appointment to register online using the San Diego Community College District’s online registration system. 

By using the combined schedule of classes and the online registration system, a student can enroll in any available course offered at ECC, City, Mesa, or Miramar Colleges. Instructions for the class schedule and online registration are available on campus and on the web at


It is the student's obligation to add, drop, or withdraw from classes before the deadlines stated in the class schedule. This applies even if the student has never attended class. Any student who anticipates difficulty in paying fees should check with the Financial Aid Office about eligibility and sources of assistance. Registration may be canceled for nonpayment of fees.


Residency is determined when a student applies for admission to the College. Please see the Residency page for detailed information regarding how Residency is determined and established. Details are found in the CA Education Code Section 68000, Title 5, sections 54000-54072.


A student will be able to view any account hold/service indicator on their College Student Dashboard in mySDCCD. Holds/Service Indicators may impact student services such as registration, transcripts, and other vital student services. Students should address these in a timely manner to avoid service interruption. Questions about holds/service indicators? Call Admissions and Records (619) 388-7844.


Students add classes online through mySDCCD until the posted deadline. Find deadlines posted on the class schedule.

To add a class once the semester has begun, students must obtain a permission number from the instructor. Once a permission number is received, the student must add the class through mySDCCD. For online classes, students may email their instructors using the Faculty Directory search. Check out this guide on adding a class with a permission number.

If you are attempting to register online and receive the error code: Prerequisite Not Satisfied please refer to Counseling.


Students should drop courses via mySDCCD until the posted deadline. Find the important deadlines for dropping without a "W" and with a refund as well as the deadline to drop with a "W" by clicking the calendar icon next to the course information mysdccd calendar icon. Students are responsible for dropping a course that they no longer wish to attend by the posted deadline or a letter grade will be assigned. Non-attendance WILL NOT guarantee that a student will be dropped from a course.


The maximum study load for a primary semester (fall/spring) is 20 academic units including Exercise Science (formerly Physical Education) activity units.

Students are reminded that each unit of credit is calculated to involve a total of at least three hours of classroom and outside time per week. Thus, a 20-unit study load represents a minimum 60-hour workload each week. Students working full-time are advised NOT to attempt a full-time college program

Twelve units of credit are considered a minimum full-time program during a semester; nine units is three-quarters time, and six units, half-time.

The maximum study load for summer session is 12 academic units including Exercise Science (formerly Physical Education) activity units. Six units of credit is considered a minimum full-time during the summer session; four units is three-quarters time, and three units, half time.


Registration may be administratively canceled for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to pay all mandatory fees in accordance with the fee payment schedule;
  2. Using a permission number issued to another student;
  3. Failure to meet the terms and conditions of a fee deferment;
  4. Failure to meet academic or progress standards;
  5. Denial of a "Petition to Challenge A Prerequisite."


San Diego Miramar College offers courses through the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. For more information about attending these classes please refer to the Active Duty Military Students page.


Please refer to Page 23 of the Course Catalog for information about the priority registration system.

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Petition to Challenge Prerequisites/Corequisites 

Students who believe they have sufficient grounds may challenge a prerequisite, corequisite, or limitation on enrollment. A student may obtain a Petition to Challenge from the Admissions Office. For more information about what challenge exams are available, please email Miramar Admissions: 


Fall 2021 Challenge Deadlines

August 6th, 2021

Spring 2022 Challenge Deadlines


Summer 2021 Challenge Deadlines


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Obtaining a Student ID Card

Once you have registered and paid all appropriate dues for the active semester you may obtain a student ID card from the Office of Admissions and Records (K1-207) free of charge. Student ID Cards are required to access campus resources as well as to receive a parking permit. Cards will not be issued to students with holds (See "Holds" above for further information) or that are not registered in the active semester.

  • Must be enrolled in at least one course
  • All enrolled courses must be paid for
  • Provide another form of photo ID
    • Driver's License, State Identification Card, US Passport/Card, High School ID, Military ID (Driver's Permits DO NOT qualify as photo identification - Call Admissions if you have questions about accepted forms of ID)

For information regarding parking please refer to SDCCD Parking Permits.

Please note that enrollment in Continuing Education courses will not qualify a student for a San Diego Community College ID Card. Please refer to Student Attendance Card for information on obtaining your Continuing Education Attendance Card.

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Changing Student Personal Information

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have shifted these processes online.

Please visit the following page for access and instructions regarding Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Changes:

When submitting the Update SSN, Name, Birthdate form to the support desk you will need to submit the following documentation via scan or photo:


  • Name Change:
    • Federally Issued Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID Card, Passport, etc)
    • Legal Documentation for the change (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Naturalization/Citizenship, Petition for Name Change, etc)
  • Social Security Number/Multiple Student Account Merge:
    • Federally Issued Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID Card, Passport, etc)
    • Social Security Card
  • Date of Birth Change:
    • Federally Issued Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID Card, Passport, etc)
    • Birth Certificate

If you have any additional questions about this process, please email

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Important Remote Links for Students

Online Forms and Submission - Clearing co/prerequisites - Counseling Appointments - Online Tutoring Services - Faculty Email Directory Search - Transcripts

Student support services have gone remote! We are still here to help you, even though San Diego Miramar College has transitioned to an online environment. Our counselors, staff, and administrators are working remotely to support our students. Click here for more information about our online services. 

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