Short Term Employee Authorization Request Instructions

Board Approved Position Process 

Each semester an e-mail will be sent by the Business Office Support Supervisor with Miramar specific instructions, forms, and deadlines.

All positions are approved at the Board meeting; any issues are resolved by HR with the campus prior to the meeting.

Due dates for Short Term Employee Authorization Requests for Board Approval are firm. If you miss a Business Office deadline your paperwork will be submitted for the following Board meeting and your employee will not be allowed to begin work until approval at that following Board meeting. 

Short Term Employee Authorization Request Instructions

The following sections of the NANCE Position Authorization Form Request must be completed (incomplete forms will be returned): 

  • Effective Date – cannot be on or prior to the Board meeting date
  • Job End Date or end of Fiscal Year – end date must be last day of the month employee is to work or mark the end of fiscal year box (recommended)
  • Board Date for Short-Term Employee Position – date of the next Board meeting for which you are submitting this form for approval
  • Type of Service – Mark the Short-Term Employee Position box
  • Department – Write in the name of the department the position will be working in
  • Location – Select Miramar from drop down menu
  • Reports To Position # – leave blank if you do not know, however, supervisor’s name will need to be indicated on the form
  • Business Unit – Select MIR01 from pull down menu
  • Job Title – Only the exact classification titles on the Non‐Academic Non‐Classified Salary Schedule are acceptable, all others will be returned
  • Job Code – leave blank
  • Total Hours per Week – list number of hours the employee will work, maximum is 25
  • Number of position requests – number of positions you are requesting that are identical
  • Description of the services to be provided AND how the work is temporary in nature and not a continuing need. Both must be addressed or form will be returned
  • Check appropriate line(s) indicating if work is Temporary and/or Not a continuing need
  • Hiring Manager/Supervisor Signature (Certificated Faculty are not authorized Managers/Supervisors)