Student Experiences - Personal Training Program


The personal training program at San Diego Miramar College was a thorough program that inspires, empowers, and educates students to become the best personal trainers they can be. Professors like Rod Porter and Matthew Cain use their classroom time efficiently and effectively and provide practical information. I learned about progressions and regressions of exercises to properly care clients at any level of fitness. After the education from the program, I felt ready and competent to jump into a personal training job. This program is a great investment for your career and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their personal training to the next level!

- Christian Bautista - UCSD Strength and Conditioning, SDSU (BS Exercise Science) & PLNU (MS Sport Performance)


The Personal Training program at Miramar College gave me great knowledge to carry with me through my future with health and fitness. It also opened my eyes to the field of nutrition, precisely sports nutrition. I am now pursuing a degree in Nutrition as I transfer to SDSU. Each class in the CPT program touched base for an important aspect of training; from injuries to nutrition, and importantly proper technique and programming. I made a lot of friends throughout the program as we spent many hours together inside and outside of class, making it an enjoyable experience. The instructors, particularly Rod Porter and Matthew Cain, have a tremendous amount of knowledge in this field of study and have helped me a lot. Rod continues to encourage graduates of the program to participate in workouts and staying involved. Matthew Cain stresses the importance of staying up to date with seminars, as the fitness industry continues to evolve. Over a year since completing the program, I continue to enroll in Cain’s weight training classes because I still learn at least one new thing every class session. Whether it be a new exercise, or a tweak to improve performance or mobility, I am always leaving the class excited to share my new insight.

After completion of the program, I currently do independent training. This is most convenient for me at the moment for part time work. Casual conversation about health and fitness brings new clients for me because I have credibility with the certification and more knowledge and hands on experience learning in-person at San Diego Miramar College with great instructors, than simply buying a book and taking a certification test online. The San Diego Miramar College Personal Training Program was awesome, I highly recommend it!

- Courtney Berg - Personal Trainer & SDSU (BS Nutritional Science)


The San Diego Miramar College Personal Trainer (PT) program is an absolutely outstanding program for individuals who are interested in becoming personal trainers. This program provides the basic tools through lectures, labs, hands on experience and awesome professors to get any individual in the program to better understand what it takes to be a personal trainer without the countless hours of just reading a boring textbook. I am currently a personal trainer in LA Fitness and using my knowledge and experiences that I have obtained from the program to better the lives of others in and out of the gym setting. I truly appreciate the social interaction and hands on experiences that the program provided because it really prepared me for the field today. As an introverted individual if all I did was to become “book smart”, then I would really have a hard time communicating with clients. By completing the PT program, not only was I able to leave with knowledge and some experience of being a personal trainer, I established a bond with my new found network of likeminded individuals I can call, friends.

- Kevin Emboltura - Personal Trainer &  USPA Lifter (Record-Holder)


This program is nothing short of top notch. It's run by people who are very passionate and knowledgeable about health, mental and physical well being, exercise, it's overall health benefits, and the philosophy behind exercise science as a whole. There are nine classes one has to take (not including the internship), which cover a few hundred hours of practical-hands on curriculum. The courses range between; injury prevention and the care of, kinesiology/anatomy, special populations, nutrition, and others. Throw in guest speakers who are leaders in their field of expertise, fitness conventions and expos, obstacle course competition and racing events and this becomes an all inclusive program of its own. It's definitely recommended for anyone who wishes to become a Certified Personal Trainer, a Physical Therapist, people who want to get involved in sports medicine, or even the average Joe, who just wants to learn more about the benefits that physical activity plays in one's overall health and well being. Excellent overall program!

- Billye Thomas - Personal Trainer


The Miramar Personal Trainer Certification Program is the best program you can ever be a part of, and I became a certified personal trainer in one year. Dedicated instructors: Rod Porter and Matthew Cain are extremely professional, it will blow your mind! I have not experienced a better classroom environment at the Miramar College in my academic career. These guys are passionate about their job and personal training by implementing various techniques into classroom. We had many experts who were brought into the classroom for more learning opportunities. Thumbs up for these instructors!!! If you really want to learn how to be a GREAT, REAL PERSONAL TRAINER WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE do not hesitate to sign up! Loved the program and highly recommend it to all future professionals!

- Olga Kutsenko - Personal Trainer


I received a personal trainer certificate from Miramar College after finishing last semester. I definitely recommend this program to all of you who want to become personal trainer. In this program we covered so many topics, including kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and special populations. The program focuses on hands-on skills, assessments, creating exercise programs, and working in groups. There is also work at outside facilities focused on teamwork, such as, running, hiking and rock climbing. All of the professors are also very professional and provide a lot of support, which I found super helpful. You won't regret it if you enroll in this program!

- Oreesa Robinson 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer


It is important for me to be an excellent trainer. This program has enriched my practice. Studying on-line via videos format was useful through PTAGlobal, but the classes at Miramar have afforded me invaluable hands on experience from highly educated and knowledgeable professors, who are experienced trainers. Also, they have proven to be resourceful and supportive. We do great work and it’s important to be safe and careful as we are affecting lives. The Miramar program covers leadership to business start up, effective exercise cueing, functional anatomy, physiology and nutrition, safety and working with special populations. The guest speakers were interesting and provided useful knowledge and often internship opportunities. I feel ready and prepared as a trainer. I’ve been able to gain experience, build my portfolio, and make lasting friendships with like minded professionals. Thank you Miramar College for putting together a robust and interactive program! I recommend it to new and existing trainers.

- Kimberly Byrd - 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer


Great program for those looking for a more comprehensive and hands on training experience. You will leave with the knowledge, experience and confidence one needs to start a career in fitness. The professors are veterans in the fitness industry themselves, so they prepare their students for the challenges ahead that they themselves have already experienced first hand. This program will also supply you with some amazing networking opportunities along with outstanding work experience.

- Jasmine Suggs-Youngblood - Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist


Outstanding program. A great combination of classroom and active hands on training. Having active fitness professionals in the community come and lecture was a fantastic way to teach different styles of approaching fitness, dealing/working with clients and new fitness trends in the fitness profession. Having to complete an internship with local fitness business professionals gives you experience that you cannot acquire in an on-line, take a test program. This course instills so much more than an online course and it should be recognized as a national certification. I highly recommend this program even if you already have a national PT certification. All the instructors are fitness professionals at the top of the fitness profession.

- Scott Mocabee - Navy Veteran, Personal & Bootcamp Trainer


The San Diego Miramar College Fitness Specialist program is an awesome 19 course units, one year long program. It is a great program for those pursuing to get into the fitness industry looking to gain textbook knowledge as well as hands on experience. Also this program consist of courses: Applied Exercise Physiology, Techniques of Weight Training, Training Principles for Special Populations, Techniques of Exercise Leadership, Exercise and Fitness Assessment, Nutrition for Fitness and Sports, Care and Prevention of Injuries & the Internship were you gain the hands on experience working with clients and implementing the skills you learn in this program. All courses are taught by fitness professionals who have a wealthy knowledge of the industry. Also, this program prepares candidates for American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or American Council of Exercise (ACE) certification exam, among other exams. I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to get in to the Fitness Industry.

- Pablo Garcia - Personal Trainer


This program has really taught me in depth personal training skills and knowledge, which has really changed my life. I received opportunities to work in sports, gyms, and clinics! Also, the professors have his or her MS/MA or PhD! They help enhance your knowledge to a whole new level with in-person paced classes and obtaining hands-on skills. The teacher are personal and become long lasting mentors (and great references)!  They base the courses on specific standards and use national accredited materials, so if you want to get your national PT certification, this program is highly recommended! If you want to be successful and really learn about personal training, attend San Diego Miramar College. My professors are still helping me be successful to this day!

- Julia Pozo - Assisted Fitness Trainer (Instructor)