Athletics - Strength and Conditioning Internship

Strength and Conditioning Internship

Internship Director:

Matthew Cain, PhD, RSCC 


Student Experiences - Strength & Conditioning Interns

     I ended up taking a foundational kinesiology class to fill a requirement needed to transfer for my major. I was somewhat interested in the course. However, by the end of the 3-4 months, Professor Cain had opened up a new world for me to explore. I took the initiative to talk to him to see what more I can do to keep learning and applying human movement sciences, as well as job opportunities in the field. He presented an internship opportunity to me and I jumped on it immediately. Over the next 6 months I learned, applied, and experimented with different training methods and worked alongside Professor Cain and the basketball team. The amount of opportunities available in this program are extensive. Do not pass this opportunity up. If there is a shred of you that even remotely thinks you’d be interested in personal training, physical therapy, or strength and conditioning apply for the internship! The amount of knowledge that you can absorb from such a giving person and a team that genuinely wants to succeed is something you shouldn’t pass up. The athletic performance/personal training facility is constantly getting new equipment, conducting new research, and bridging the gap between students and practical application. 

    This was my favorite part of San Diego Miramar College, and because of the guidance and internship experience I am now at San Diego State University pursuing a career in Foods and Nutritional Sciences as well as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. I plan on investing my time and energy to further my knowledge with a masters in nutrition, and eventually become a Certified Nutritional Specialist and RD.

- Nick Smith NSCA-CPT, 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer & SDSU Nutritional Sciences Student 



     I am a current college student earning a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and want to pursue a career as a physical therapist. I took an Intro to Kinesiology class and was introduced to the many different opportunities to learn and gain experience in this field, including this internship. I wanted to participate in this internship to explore one of the many settings I could work in as a physical therapist. I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge, experience, and confidence in this field of strength and conditioning through this internship.

     As I work with individuals and athletes during their training, I’ve learned a lot about how to teach movements in a way that not only helps people do the movement correctly and efficiently, but also explains why doing the movement a certain way will be beneficial. It’s been very rewarding to witness individuals make progress and reach their personal goals. This is a collaborative atmosphere where anyone: professor, coach, or student, can teach each other different exercises, share experiences, and create programs that work towards helping people. Aside from learning about exercise and movement, I have also gained knowledge on how to interact with people and understanding that it is important to personalize workouts because everyone is different. It is a valuable skill that I will use in and out of the weight room.

     This internship has helped me build a solid foundation that has helped me pursue and be successful in other settings I have worked in. I received the opportunity to work at a physical therapy clinic, and the combination of working in the weight room and observing the treatments therapists implement for their patients has deepened my understanding of how certain movements and posture can lead to injury or chronic imbalances. I have also met numerous professionals in this field which include strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, corporate wellness, physical therapy and chiropractic professionals. I have gained a lot from this internship and am excited to see what other experiences are in store.

Naomi Ngo, Physical Therapy Aide & SDSU Pre-Physical Therapy Student