Program Options


What are my degree and certificate options?

San Diego Miramar College has stand alone classes as well as certificate and Associate Degree programs in Applied Biology (Biotechnology)


  • Introduction to Biotechnology (Bio 131)
    • Industry Overview with the basic biology and lab skills
  • Introduction to the Biotechnology Lab (Bio 134)
    • Industry overview with lab skills

1. Certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion in Biotechnology Molecular Biology Track
    • Students take Bio 132 and Bio 133, Applied Biotechnology I and II to complete this certificate
  • Certificate of Achievement in Biotechnology
    • Students take Bio 131, Bio 132,  and Bio 133, Applied Biotechnology I and II to complete this certificate.

These certificates are intended to provide students with skills to meet entry-level employment requirements.


2. Degrees:

  • Associate in Science in Biotechnology


Additional Courses:  Biology 136_ Quality and Regulatory Practices in Biotechnology




What is the Best Option for Me?

It depends! Do you already have a 4 year degree? Many of our students do! Then you might need just a class or two. Some students need just a refresher or skill update.

Others are just beginning their careers. They usually start with a basic Introduction to Biotechnology Class (Bio 131)

For more information about which option is best for you.

Contact Sandra Slivka at or 619-388-7490

I'm Finished! How Do I Apply for My Certificate?

If you have taken the courses to earn a Certificate of Achievement or Performance, please fill out the petition below and bring it to the Miramar College Evaluations Office K1-207.