San Diego Promise FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions



What does a “first-time college student” mean in order to qualify for Promise?

A first-time college student is anyone who has never attended a higher education institution as a college student. Students who have earned college units while in high school will still be considered first-time college students.

You may also qualify if you identify with one of the following groups:

Foster Youth Student

Veteran of U.S. Armed Forces

Formerly Incarcerated Student

Undocumented Student

What if I am graduating from high school early during my senior year? Will I still be eligible to apply for Promise?

Yes! But there are some additional factors to consider. Contact the Promise office with your inquiry at

Can Dreamers qualify for the Miramar Promise?

Yes, students who are eligible to file a California Dream Act application and meet the eligibility criteria for an AB540 waiver can apply for Promise.

Is there an income requirement to be eligible for Promise?

There is no income requirement for Promise.



What are the benefits of the Miramar Promise?

With the Miramar Promise, students may receive of to two years of free tuition, book grants for eligible students (dependent on student's financial need), peer mentoring services, and individualized educational counseling and guidance support. Students in the Miramar Promise program also receive priority consideration for transfer to SDSU.

Does the Promise cover fees for classes taken in the Winter intersession & Summer?

Promise does not cover fees for classes taken in the summer. However, Promise does cover fees for classes taken during the Winter intersession. 

Note: Classes taken in the Winter intersession may be used towards meeting the 12-unit requirement for the Spring semester.

Which registration fees does the San Diego Promise program cover?

Tuition ($46/unit): Yes (✔)

Health Services Fee ($20): Yes (✔)

Student Representation Fee ($2): No (✘)


Application & Program Information

What is the San Diego Promise?

The San Diego Promise is a two-year completion program for qualifying students. The program provides up to two years of free tuition to eligible students, and additional support structures such as peer mentors, events, and Promise counselors.

When do I need to submit the Promise application?

For priority registration and admission into the program, please complete steps 1-4 by June (specific date is released every year in January).  

What do I need in order to complete the Promise application?

In order to fully complete the Promise application, you will need your 10-digit College ID # (received after submitting your Fall application for admission at Miramar College), and your FAFSA or Dream Act confirmation # (received in an email upon submission of your FAFSA or Dream Act application).

I’ve submitted my Promise application. Does this mean I’m in the Promise program?

No. By submitting your Promise application, you are not automatically considered to be a Miramar College Promise student. You will be notified via email from our district office regarding your eligibility status; please anticipate a response within 3 months of your initial submission date.

Is the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) the same as the San Diego Promise program?

No, the California College Promise Grant is the new name for the enrollment fee waiver (formerly called BOGW) for financially eligible students attending a California community college, while the San Diego Promise is a two-year completion program supported by state funds and not dependent upon a student’s financial need.

What is the status of my Promise application?

When submitting the promise application, you will fall into one of three categories for your promise status.

1. A prospective Promise student is a student who

Has submitted their application for admission to Miramar College.

Has submitted their FAFSA or Dream Act application to Miramar College.

Has submitted the San Diego Promise application.

Is awaiting confirmation from the District Office regarding their eligibility status.

2. A verified Promise student is a student who

Has met all the necessary eligibility requirements.

Has been notified via email by the college campus of your Verified status.

Has been sent the electronic program contract to sign online.

3. An official Promise student is a student who

Submits their electronic signature of intent to participate in the Promise Program, agreeing to all contents listed on the San Diego Promise Program contract.


Timeline for next steps, after filling out your Promise application:

January - June: Promise applications submitted to the district office for review and assessment of eligibility. Immediately after submitting their application, prospective students will receive a confirmation email.

April - May: College campuses begin to send out emails notifying prospective students of their eligibility status. If prospective students have been District Verified, they will be sent a Welcome email from the Miramar College Team. In the Welcome email, students are required to confirm their spot in the program by signing their Promise contract electronically. After a student signs their contract, they will receive an email invitation to RSVP to our Virtual Promise Orientation session. These sessions will take place in June, July, and August.

Mid July - August: Students will begin registering for fall semester courses.

August (specific date is released every year in January): Fall semester begins.